Winning the Lottery

People with more than one top prize under their belt.

People with more than one win.

According to several past winners, including a statistics professor with Stanford University, winning the lottery is all about luck.

So how did that very Stanford University professor get so lucky that she won the lotto 5 times?

Do you really think it is a co-incidence that this multiple lottery winner is a professor in a subject based in mathematics and the analysis of probabilities when the lottery itself is a mathematical game based in probabilities (and not luck as most people believe believe)?

Winning the Lottery

Although the lottery is a form of gambling it is one of the only gambling games that is not looked upon as undesirable. It is widely considered as an acceptable fun pastime in society these days. Unlike betting on horse racing or other sports games the lottery is viewed as a simple game of luck with everyone who plays having an equal chance of winning.

But is that really true?

winning the lotteryWhen we look at the stories of multiple jackpot winners and the fact that a player must beat out odds of many millions to 1 against them to win just 1 top prize it starts to look as though these amazing multiple jackpots wins are down to more than just luck.

With a standard pick 6 lottery draw offering approximately only a 1 in 14 million chance of winning how on earth have people like Richard Lustig won 7 times?

And, how did a gentle unassuming Stanford professor beat odds of one in eighteen septillion (1 followed by 24 zeros) to win many millions of dollars 4 times in different games ranging from pick 6 to scratch offs?

A Forbes magazine quote by a professor at the Institute for the Study of Gambling & Commercial Gaming at the University of Nevada, Reno lets us know just how strange this event is.

“When something this unlikely happens in a casino, you arrest ‘em first and ask questions later”, Forbes Magazine.

Although Ginther’s win (and similar wins) was talked down by the Texas Lottery Commission claiming that she must have been born under a lucky star. However, they know as well as everyone else with a background in mathematics that it can be no co-incidence that that Ginther is a professor of statistics when the lottery is a game of statistical probabilities.

Picking Winning Lottery Numbers

So how did Ginther win her big prizes?

lottery statistical analysisWell, not surprisingly, she says it was all down to luck. A statement echoed by the lottery companies obviously because they do not want to spoil the illusion that everyone has an equal chance of winning. If everyday players realized that many lotto winners have used specific lotto strategies to gain multiple wins the allure and excitement of playing would wane – as would the lottery’s profits.

It is within Ginther’s interests and the Texas Lottery Commission’s interest to pretend the 1 in septillion wins are just about luck and nothing else.

However, some other past winners, such as Richard Lustig, openly admit that there millions in lotto prizes were gained from following deliberate lottery systems. What’s more some of them offer to teach the same systems to anyone willing to learn them.

So what does this mean for us mere mortals who have no background in mathematics or statistics?

IS Winning the Lotto Really Possible?

Listen to what a 7 time lottery winner has to say about luck and how it really related to winning the lottery!

If you don’t believe that you can win on the lottery then the truth is that you probably never will. This is not just about positive thinking or using the secret to win the lottery (law of attraction).

When you believe that something is possible your mind tends to look for ways to back-up that belief.

When you look for ways to beat the lottery you may just be surprised at what you find. Wheeling numbers is one such way that many syndicates used to increase their chances of winning prizes by many millions to 1.

According to many past winners of multiple top lottery prizes it seems that when when wheeling is combined with statistical analysis winning prizes becomes almost inevitable.