Past Winning Lottery Numbers

How to Use Past Winning Lottery Numbers to Beat the Lotto

lottery ballsMost lotto players are aware of the lottery phenomenon known as Hot Numbers & Cold Numbers. If you are one of the few who does not know here is a simple explanation of how hot and cold numbers work and how you can use them for winning the lottery.

Hot numbers are those numbers that appear very often in winning lines while cold numbers rarely appear. It is believed that by picking hot numbers and avoiding cold numbers it is possible to increase your odds of winning on the lottery.

Although this is true it is only half the story. You need an extra element if you want to slash your odds from 75 million to 1 down to a guaranteed win. And, yes that is possible regardless of what you’ve been told.

It’s all in the mathematics!

The Mathematics of the Lotto

Statistical analysis should form an important part of any lottery strategy. Although this sounds complicated it really isn’t.

However, rather than relying solely on hot numbers to win the lottery you need to combine this approach with a few other techniques to guarantee yourself some wins.

Using a mathematical approach in combination with hot numbers is the surest way to more wins on the lottery.

Using The Most Common Lottery Numbers

When you use the most common lotto winning numbers you will have a much better chance of picking a winning line but when you use those past lottery numbers in conjunction with a wheeling system you will exponentially grow your odds of winning.

Wheeling is a technique that allows you to play more numbers than is normally allowed in your chosen lottery draw but in a very specific way.

hot lotto numbersFor example, if you play a pick 6 game you can wheel 7 numbers, 8 numbers, 9 numbers or any other amount you want (even all numbers on that pick 6 game – usually 49).

Imagine being able to play every possible number on your ticket. You would be guaranteed a jackpot win!

Well, you CAN do this with lottery number wheeling.

Obviously you cannot put all these numbers on the same ticket as this is against the rules of the lotto but you can play all those numbers in a way that you can cover every possible combination to guarantee yourself a win.

This is where the power of a wheeling system comes into play.

Wheeling is explained in detail at Wikipedia. Although it can be difficult for most non-mathematical thinkers to understand the great news is that understanding it is not at all necessary in order to use it and benefit from it.

Wheeling Past Winning Lottery Numbers

The only drawback of using wheeling systems is that the more numbers you choose to play with the more expensive it is to play.

For example, you can 100% guarantee yourself a win on any lottery game. Take a pick 6 from 49 lottery game for example. By wheeling all 49 numbers you can literally guarantee yourself a jackpot win and multiple other wins such as a 5 + bonus ball win, multiple 5 wins, multiple 4 and multiple 3 wins.

However, you would need to buy approximately 14 million tickets to cover every possible combination.

So, although this would guarantee a jackpot win (and multiple other large, medium and smaller wins) it is not really financially viable for those who can afford to do it.

However, it has been done before, on rollovers, several times by rich business syndicates – this is one of the reasons the lottery in the UK doubled the price of its tickets to deter this practice. It hasn’t worked!

pick 6 wheel exampleAlthough you may not have the money to guarantee yourself millions of dollars or pounds on your very first attempt you can still wheel numbers to reduce the odds against you and give yourself a fighting chance in the lottery.

For example, wheeling only 7 numbers (instead of playing the usual 6) in a pick 6 game will reduce the odds against you winning a jackpot prize from approximately 14 million to 1 down to 500 hundred thousand to 1. Still high odds but a lot better than normal and bear in mind this is only for a jackpot win.

Winning medium and smaller prizes is almost guaranteed when you play this way! And, wheeling 7 numbers requires only 28 ticket purchases.

The best wheeling systems are proven and have a solid track record of winning prizes.

But obviously when you wheel more numbers you dramatically increase your chances of winning large amounts of money. Because this will cost more money in ticket purchases this type of investment is better suited to syndicates as they can pool their money to wheel more numbers.

This is why syndicates win more often than individual players. A huge amount of winning syndicates wheeled their numbers!

Steps to Wheeling The Most Winning Lotto Numbers

The first step to winning more often is to choose your wheel. Choosing your wheel depends on the amount of numbers you wish to play.

Once you have decided upon the wheel you will use, based on the amount of numbers you will play, you simply wheel those numbers and the wheel will give you all the lottery lines that you must enter into the draw.

For more information on how to win the lottery using a combination of wheeling systems and most common winning lottery numbers check out the lotto strategies discussed on this site.