Lotto Strategies: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Records are meant to be broken, really. That being the case, you can improve your chances of winning the lottery and banish bad luck through the use of effective strategies. In truth, an understanding of lotto strategies: the good, the bad, and the ugly, will point you in the right strategies - the good the bad and the ugly

Good Lotto Strategies

Serious minded people do not share the perspective that winning the grand prize of a lottery game is dependent on pure dumb luck.

Some good strategies to employ include:

1. Stick With Your Numbers:

While it is okay for you to apply Florida lotto strategies, the most important thing is that you stick with your numbers.

You may use Quick Picks or opt to handpick the numbers yourself.

Lotto Ticket Question-mark numberWhatever way you pick your numbers you must continue playing the same set of numbers in each game you play until it wins.

2. Buy Multiple Tickets:

Fantasy 5 lotto strategies are intended to help in winning lottery games but not necessarily make you mega rich.

Essentially, the point is in improving your chances of winning. Your best bet includes buying multiple tickets.

This strategy helps to stack the odds in your favor.

3. Choose The Lotto Game To Play Carefully:

Since Pick 3 lotto strategies differ from Powerball US lotto strategies, stick to one lotto game.

This helps you to specialize in one kind of lottery game. Your winning odds increase as you devote reasonable time and energy to understanding the workings of a particular lotto game.

2nd Chance CA LottoRemember the proverb which talks about Jack being involved in all kinds of trade but mastering none of them.

4. Play Lottery Games With Second-Chance Drawings:


There are lottery games who draw a second time if no one wins the jackpot following the first draw.

This offers lottery players a second opportunity of winning the jackpot prize.

5. Mix Your Numbers:


Have a good mix of numbers while making your selection.

Having too many numbers on the high side is equally as bad as having most or all of your numbers from low figures. Finding the right mix will do a lot of good for you.

6. Wheel Your numbers:

In truth the only really good programs and techniques for beating the lottery employ number wheeling strategies; as the aim of playing the lottery is winning and it emphasizes the need for you to take advantage of number wheeling to the fullest.
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Bad Lotto Strategies

It is also an advantage if you learn about bad lotto strategies.

The reason for this is not to apply it but to know the things to avoid.

The following should be avoided as you pick a set of numbers to play:

1. Lucky Numbers:

bad lottery strategiesThere are no such things as lucky numbers when it comes to lottery games.

Please note that hot numbers are quite different from lucky numbers.

What professional lottery players do is include hot numbers which occur most often in a line among their set of numbers.

2. Birthday Dates:

Using the figures of your birthday or those of your loved ones is also a bad strategy.

It almost resembles picking numbers because you believe you are lucky with them.

3. Horoscopes:

Forget about horoscope lotto strategies since it boils down to mere luck.

If that were the case, everyone who plays a lottery game should win.

Horoscopes are just one of the bad strategies which non-professional lottery players use.
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Ugly Lotto Strategies

There is an ugly side to most things in life if you do not guard against them. Lottery games are not different.

Your best bet is to avoid the following ugly lotto strategies:

1. Unsigned Tickets:

Forgetting to sign your lottery tickets after playing them is as good as leaving cash unattended to if your ticket turns out to be a winning one.

Should someone pick it up and present it for payment, you will find it very difficult to prove ownership of the winning lottery ticket in question.

2. Sending Someone To Buy Tickets For You:

Except if you are part of an official pool, it does not make sense to ask someone else to buy a ticket for you.

horoscope lottery numbersAnother thing to avoid is borrowing money from a friend or relative to buy a ticket.

The reason is not far-fetched.

If the ticket in question wins, the person you sent or borrowed money from will feel entitled to partake in sharing the prize money.

He or she may claim that you won because of their luck.

Regardless of what you do, number wheeling remains the best way of beating the odds of winning the lottery.

The One Lotto Strategy That Actually Works

There is some lottery software that can be used to boost your chances of winning multiple prizes in just about any lotto game.

It may be a good idea to check this software out since it is proven to have created many winners already.

The software is called Lotto Dominator and you can check it out here.
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