Lottery Predictions

Back in September 2009 on a chilly Wednesday night illusionist Derren Brown shocked British audiences when he predicted the winning lottery numbers live on television. Now before you get excited about the possibilities you should be aware that Derren Brown is a famous UK illusionist. He didn’t actually win the lottery or predict the numbers. If you are looking for lottery systems that have been designed to do that you need to go here.

So how did Derren Brown fool millions of people into believing he successfully predicted the winning lottery numbers for the UK’s National Lottery draw? What lottery programs were behind this seemingly awesome event?

The Set Up

So, without the use of even a simple a lottery wheeling system Derren Brown apparently successfully precicted all 6 numbers for that week’s lottery game.

After successfully demonstrating that he could predict the winning lottery numbers Brown made a second television show outlining how he did it – or at least outlining how he wanted us to think he did it.

Derren's successful lottery predictions

Derren’s successful lottery predictions

It seems Derren enlisted the help of willing volunteers for his lottery stunt who themselves were unaware of what was really going on.

These volunteers were given a few basic tasks to perform in order to hone their psychic abilities. Each person would predict the numbers to be drawn and Darren would pick the most commonly occurring numbers to add to his 6 digit final pick.

According to Mr. Brown the exercises he gave his volunteers helped them become psychically attuned to the lottery game and thus successfully predict the numbers.

Even the volunteers were amazed when the numbers turned out to be correct.

But of course, Derren Brown is an illusionist so there had to be more to this trick than meets the eye!

The Real Solution to His Lottery Predictions
Many theories have been proposed as to how Derren Brown pulled off this spectacular trick. However there is one that is the most prominent and probably the correct one.

The Guardian newspaper even shows a video explaining how it could have been done with split screens.

Using visual trickery and camera work may seem like a cop-out or cheating these days of CGI when we want our magicians and illusionists to use slight-of-hand rather than modern technology.

However, regardless of the props that were used the results were still spectacular and spell binding. I mean who doesn’t want to have the ability to predict winning lottery numbers at will?!

How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers Like Derren Brown
lottery wheel system
Okay, so you can’t pull off a stunt like Derren Brown did and win the jackpot…let’s face it of Derren really had that ability he would retire and simply win the lottery every week.

So, magically predicting the winning numbers is out. Learning how to win the lottery requires a more scientific approach. But, you can give yourself a better fighting chance in the draw by lowering the odds of winning the lottery jackpot to a number that makes winning a real possibility.

Using the systems outlined on this site it is not possible to pull off a “Derren Brown” but it is possible to increases your chances of winning the lottery by millions to 1.

The Real Solution to Beating the Lottery

The real solution for winning the lottery relies less of television magic and more on hard mathematical science.

Using a lottery wheel is by far the best way to increase your chances of winning some nice prizes on the lotto.

The best lottery software out there will always use some for of number wheeling or incorporate a lottery wheel generator into its algorithm.

If you want a fighting chance in the lottery be sure to learn how to wheel numbers and you will start winning more prizes without any need for the Derren Brown trickery.