How to Identify Winning Lottery Patterns

Are you looking to fulfill your millionaire dreams by buying lottery tickets? Many people dream of experiencing a life of luxury that a big lotto win can bring. But, are you just randomly choosing your lottery numbers and without looking for lottery patterns? If yes, you might not be playing the smart way.

Lottery Patterns & Probability

The majority of people just randomly choose the numbers thinking that the probability for all set of numbers to be drawn is equal.

lottery Patterns ChartWith this assumption, even after playing the lottery for years, you would seldom win any prizes. One of the main pieces of the puzzle which many people seem to miss is that certain numbers have a higher probability of being drawn.

Once you join the dots to detect the winning lottery number patterns, it becomes easier for you to develop lotto techniques which would increase your probability of winning.

Instead of just consistently playing the lottery, you have to know how to play the lottery smart in order to win the jackpot.

There are a couple of strategies which can significantly increase the chances of winning the lottery. These rely on mathematics to zero-in on the winning lottery method. There are lottery numbers patterns which you can devise in order to significantly increase your winning chances.

We would today share with you the ways in which you can identify winning lottery number patterns. If you are puzzled with questions like is there a pattern to lottery numbers, these 2 strategies would help you find an answer to that question.
identifying lottery patterns

1. Handicapping:

Handicapping is a strategy which involves picking the lottery numbers by taking into account the past performances and finding patterns in lottery numbers. The same strategy is used in various other fields like horse racing as well as trading stocks.

lottery patterns -handicappingThe 1st thing which you need to do is to consistently track the lottery whose ticket you want to buy. You need to know the numbers which are being drawn in each draw.

This would help you detect a pattern in lottery numbers according to probability.

There would be a few numbers which would be drawn more frequently as compared to the others. This would help you calculate the probability of those numbers.

According to the probabilities calculated, you have to come up with the numbers which are most likely to be drawn.

Some of the people like to play on the contrary side and opt for the numbers which are overdue or which have never been drawn.

The problem with this is strategy is that according to the law of probability, there is very little chance of those numbers being drawn.



In any international lottery or local state lottery, the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 have never been drawn. Just because they have never have been drawn till now does not mean that you should bet on these numbers.

Many people think that if the combination has not been drawn till not, it would be drawn now. This would significantly decrease your probability of winning.

According to the lottery numbers pattern which you can devise from handicapping, it is best to leave those combinations alone which haven’t been drawn for a long period of time.

lottery pattern on entry ticketWhen it comes to probability, there is nothing like a number being overdue.

A good example of this anomaly is that the number 45 was not drawn in New York lotto for over 100 drawings.

Now, this makes it amply clear that instead of going for the overdue numbers, you have to strictly play according to the law of probability.

Neither, playing the same number again and again in each and every drawing would increase your probability of winning.

If you take the example of New York 6/59 lotto game, each combination of 6 numbers has a probability of being drawn once every 433245 years since the game is biweekly. This again brings us to the conclusion that playing the same number, again and again, hoping that you would eventually win is not the correct lotto strategy.

From the analysis, it is amply clear that if you want to detect lottery patterns, you have to go strictly according to the probability. You would be able to look into the past data and calculate the probability of the numbers being drawn more frequently.

This would help you create proper patterns of lottery numbers which would increase your chances of winning by predicting future winning lottery numbers.


2. Law of large numbers:

The law of large numbers states that when an event is occurring for a larger number of times, the outcome of that particular event is always near to the expected outcome.

The more the event occurs; the closer would be the outcome of that event to the expected outcome.

In the case of lottery numbers, we would replace the event with the draw and the outcome with the expected frequency of a number being drawn.

If you create a pattern based on the law of large numbers, you would not only be taking the probability of a particular number being drawn into account but also the time period over which it would be most likely to be drawn.

In order to follow the pattern generated by the law of large numbers, you would have to 1st use the probability calculations which you derived in the pattern above and thereafter shortlist the numbers with the highest probability of being drawn.

You have to then arrange these numbers in different combinations in order to calculate the probability of the entire combination being drawn.

Once that is done, you have to look at the overall probability of the entire combination occurring in every 100 draws.

This would provide you with a handful of combinations which have a high probability of being drawn every 100 draws. Thereafter, you have to continue with that combination for the next 100 draws or till you are able to win, whichever is earlier.

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This strategy is also used by various systems like Gail Howard lottery software, (available on Amazon), in order to predict future lottery numbers to win. Such lottery systems often provide you with over 100 different patterns with their probability of being drawn.

Gail Howard lottery expertThereafter, you have to go with the patterns with the highest probability for the number of draws mentioned.

The only downside to this strategy is that you would have to play lottery consistently for at least 100 draws in order to get a chance to win.

However, if you are able to manage your money accurately and the size of the jackpot is large enough, you would be able to get an impressive return on investment.

With the help of this strategy, you would be able to create a lottery science which would eventually help you win as long as you’re playing long enough.

While these 2 strategies would not provide you with the instant method to winning the lottery, but surely, if you play long enough and follow the strategy to the last detail, you would be able to significantly improve your probability of winning.

Since both of these strategies are backed by the large pools of data as well as mathematics, you can be sure that lottery would become more than a gamble for you.

This also answers the questions which many people have like is there a science to winning the lottery or How to Identify Winning Lottery Patterns.

So, if you really want to go the extra mile and identify winning patterns in the lottery, these are the 2 strategies which would help you in doing so.

With the jackpot size of some of the international as well as national lottery draws increasing each and every month; it might be worth it to put some efforts into these strategies to predict the right future lottery numbers.

This approach works on all lotteries including megamillions and powerball.

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