Florida Lottery Strategies

Florida Lottery LogoSince its first inception in 1986, and its first live game in 1988, lottery players have sought strategies that would enable them to beat the odds and land a nice big cash prize in the Florida Lotto. So, Florida lottery strategies abound!

But do such strategies exist?

You may be surprised to learn that they do though they may not be exactly what you might expect.

For anyone interested in the Florida lottery’s history I have included a quick overview below. If you just want instant access to the strategies you can skip ahead here.

History of The Florida Lottery

The Florida Lottery was first introduced in 1986 through a constitutional amendment. The lottery was permitted to operate on the understanding that all the proceeds would be used to promote and improve education within the State of Florida.

The then Governor, Bob Martinez, along with the Florida Legislature established the lottery as a means of creating much needed revenue to fund their ambitious educational programs. So the lotto received funding from the General Revenue Fund and was given a healthy $15.5 million loan for set-up costs.

The first permanent Lottery Secretary to be appointed was Rebecca Paul and she has overseen the drive to establish the State lotto as a responsible fun gambling game that provides real tangible benefits to State residents.

The first lotto game went live in 1988 and within the first six days of operation it broke all previous records for lottery sales generating an estimated $95 million in sales for just 1 game.

Just seventeen days after its first live sale the Florida Lottery was able to repay the General Revenue Fund loan of $15.5 million with interest.

Florida Lottery Games

The current lottery games available to play on the Florida Lottery are as follows:
florida lottery games

  • Powerball
  • MEGA Millions
  • Main Lotto Draw
  • Fantasy 5
  • Lucky Money
  • Play 4 Midday
  • Cash 3 Midday
  • Play 4 Evening
  • Cash 3 Evening

Although there are seven games available to play in the Florida Lottery the basic techniques used to increase your overall chances of winning remain pretty much the same.

They are outlined below.

Florida Scratch Off Plays

Just as with any lottery there are multiple scratch off games available to play that have the usual odds of approximately 1 in 4. We will not cover scratch off strategies here as they have been covered elsewhere on this site.

If you want a truly indepth strategic guide to winning on scratch offs, in any State or country, be sure to sign up to our email list which has an email sequence that teaches you all the dirty little secrets to winning on scratch offs and building up to a full time income from those wins (it’s actually a lot easier than you think).

The scratch off email sequence kicks in a few weeks after your initial sign up as you will be given some techniques to play in standard games first.

How to Win the Florida Lottery

how to win the florida lotteryAs mentioned previously, although there are several games available to play in the Florida Lottery the basic techniques for picking winning lines are the same.

There are 5 proven steps to take that will not only increase your chances of winning the Florida lottery once but will increase your chances of winning multiple prizes, multiple times.

After all do you think it is a co-incidence that some people have won the lottery 4, 5 or even 7 times?

Or do you think there is something more than just luck going on?

Florida Lottery Strategies

Below is a bullet list of the essential steps you must follow to ensure you start winning more often.

Follow these steps carefully and you cannot fail to start winning more in your chosen lotto game.

Florida Lottery Strategies:

  1. Pick Hot Numbers.

  2. In every lottery draw in every State or Country there is a phenomenon known as hot & cold numbers. The Florida Lottery is no different.

    Hot numbers are those numbers that are drawn more frequently than other numbers. Statistically speaking all numbers have the same chance of being drawn but for some reason patterns start to emerge showing clearly that some numbers appear more often than others.

    It stands to reason that by choosing your number selection from these hot numbers you give yourself a better chance of having a winning line.

    Also be on the lookout for hot matching numbers where 2 or more numbers tend to be drawn together more frequently than normal.

    Most lottery websites list hot numbers.

  3. Avoid Cold Numbers.

  4. Just as it is a good idea to pick your selection from the hot numbers (being sure to use matching number sequences when available) it is also a good idea to avoid cold numbers.

    Cold numbers are specific numbers that are rarely or never drawn.

    By using hot numbers and avoiding cold numbers in your lottery selection you immediately give yourself a better chance of winning.

    Most lottery sites list cold numbers as well as hot numbers.

  5. Wheel Your Number Selection.

  6. Lottery number wheeling is more difficult to explain than it is to actually implement. Like riding a bike. Wikipedia tries to explain the concept here but reading the article will probably leave your head spinning.

    Luckily there are systems available that do the wheeling for you.

    Typical lotto wheel for a 6/49 draw

    Typical lotto wheel for a 6/49 draw

    The basic concept of wheeling is that you can play more numbers than normal and thus give yourself a better chance of winning.

    For example if you are playing a 6 from 49 game then you can normally only choose 6 numbers to play from a possible 49. Playing in this standard way gives you an approximate 1 in 14 million chance of getting all 6 numbers correct regardless of how many tickets you buy; each ticket will still have the same low odds of winning.

    But imagine what would happen if you could use 7 numbers instead of 6. Do you think that would give you an advantage over other players and help you to alter the odds more in your favour?

    Well with wheeling you can do exactly that. When you add an extra number to your selection, and use a mathematical probability formula to “wheel” those numbers, you can create a set of ticket entries that contain all possible combinations of those 7 numbers.

    Doing this means you would need to purchase 28 tickets as there are 28 possible combinations but the odds of winning the jackpot are reduced from 1 in 14 million to 1 in 500,000: just by adding 1 number.

    And that is only for the jackpot.

    Your odds of winning multiple smaller multiple prizes on the same draw explode.

    The more numbers you play with and add to your wheel the more you reduce those odds against you. And, if you have winning numbers in your wheel you are guaranteed not just 1 win but multiple wins as those same numbers will appear on multiple tickets.

    For example if you won the jackpot using a wheeling system then you would also win multiple other prizes including a match 5 prize, multiple match 4 prizes and a lot of match 3 prizes. Thus increasing your winnings exponentially.

    In fact it is actually possible to use a wheeling system to ensure that you match every single possible number combination and thus guarantee that you win the jackpot.

    Unfortunately this would cost you approximately $14 million in tickets if each ticket cost $1 or $28 million for $2 draws. Not a great return on investment unless you hit a big rollover amount, which has actually been done by business consortiums in the past.

    Which wheeling system should you use?

    Although the concept of number wheeling is (and all wheeling systems are) based upon the law of probability not all wheeling systems are created equal.

    There are popular systems such as the Formula 1 Lotto System and The Lottery Black Book.

    However by far the best wheeling system available at this time is this one. It has created 131 winners so far and actually works well with these 5 steps.

    Please forget the hype of the site and look past the absurd promises. If you use that system along with these 5 steps then you will be sure to be onto a winner. The power of this method is in using a good wheeling system along with the other 4 steps outlined here.

    Regardless of what Greg (or Gary) says in the audio you will need to buy more than $5 worth of tickets as you will want to wheel as many numbers as possible to increase your chances of winning big money.

    However, there is a really neat way around this that will allow you to wheel a ton of numbers for the price of just 1 or 2 tickets!!!

  7. Join or Create a Syndicate.

  8. Once you have a good wheeling system the next step is to join a syndicate – or better still join the syndicate first and ensure the entire syndicate helps pay for the wheeling system (they can be expensive but the return on investment is huge).

    syndicates win more oftenJoining a syndicate is the easiest way to winning the lottery because you can wheel more numbers without having to increase you own investment in tickets. In fact a large sized syndicate can pretty much ensure themselves many wins over the space of just a few months because they have greater buying power and thus more capacity to wheel more numbers.

    So join a syndicate that is open to the idea of wheeling numbers. If you cannot find a syndicate to join that is responsive to your ideas for wheeling numbers then create your own.

    This is an important point that is often overlooked by lottery players who use wheeling systems and this is why they do not win as often as they could or should.

    As we covered in Florida Lottery Strategy #3 if you can wheel more numbers then you will exponentially increase your chances of winning multiple prizes for every extra number you include in your wheel. Unfortunately, for every number you wheel the cost in tickets also increases.

    For this reason it is difficult for individual players to truly take advantage of lottery wheeling because of the higher cost of playing. This is obviously not a problem for syndicates.

    What If You Don’t Want to Join a Syndicate?

    Many people are resistant to joining a syndicate because after a win they will need to share their winnings with other players but this is erroneous, silly thinking.

    Let’s say there were 100 members in your syndicate. If you were to wheel numbers with a 100 strong syndicate you are almost guaranteed to always be in profit whereas as an individual player you have on average 14 million to 1 against you up to 175 million to 1 against you.

    So, which is better, 1% of a $110 million jackpot or 100% of nothing? (In case your maths is as bad as mine – 1% of $110 million jackpot is over $1 million).

    florida syndicate wins lottery twiceIt is a fairly well publicized fact that syndicates win jackpots more often than individual players.

    What is not so publicized is the fact that syndicates win more often because syndicates wheel their numbers more often than individual players.

    Because they can!

    You can create a syndicate of any amount of players you wish. Then your syndicate can agree upon the prearranged stake money each member will invest in tickets. Once you know what your playable amount of money is you can create a wheel of numbers based upon the cost of tickets it produces that is within your syndicate’s budget.

    If you have a syndicate of 20 players and each player is willing to invest $5 per week then you have a weekly playable amount of $100. This will allow you to create a substantial wheel with a great chance of winning prizes.

    Remember: when you play wheeled numbers as part of a syndicate you have much more buying power. The combined stake money of the individual players allows you to poll that money so you can wheel more numbers thus increasing your chances of landing multiple prizes on a consistent basis exponentially.

    Do not skip this step.

  9. Stack Your Stake Money

  10. When you are in profit do not distribute all the winnings to each member to spend. Instead have a prior arrangement with your syndicate members that when you win you will take a percentage of those winnings and keep it to reinvest in more tickets.

    This way you can scale up your lottery plays to a stage where you are playing much more tickets and wheeling more numbers. You may want to keep that small percentage of your winning separate to add to a play at the end of the year, such as Christmas, when additional prizes are offered and million dollar wisn are guaranteed by the lottery companies.

    When you play The Florida Lottery this way you will eventually hit a big payday. Now you know how to win the Florida lottery with these Florida lottery strategies what are you waiting for? Get out there and get your syndicate winning!