The Truth About Richard Lustig

Only a few people can boast of winning the lottery at any point in their lives. So, when the likes of Richard Lustig decide to share their lottery winning formula, it is no surprise that lots of people sit up and take notice.

The sheer fact that he is a 7-time lottery grand prize winner explains why the Richard Lustig book continues to be a toast among many.

In addition to reading his book titled: “Learn How To Win The Lottery”, he offers people who register in Lottery University the chance to become lottery winners.

Members of this university get the opportunity to learn the Richard Lustig formula and how to apply it to good effect.
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Winning The Lottery Is Not Dependent On Luck

lotto probability machineAccording to Richard, it does not make sense to hope you will win the lottery based on luck alone.

He claims there is a method which should be followed to increase one’s chances of winning the lottery.

This decreases the house odds and stacks it firmly in your favor.


Proof That Lottery Follows A Method

Richard Lustig 7 time lotto winnerIt is typical for anyone to require proof that there is a code which the lottery game follows.

You do not need to look too hard since the Richard Lustig net worth offers all the proof you need.

To his credit, he has one several lottery games in addition to the seven grand prizes which shot him into the limelight.

While the sum of $842, 152 remains his highest winning to date, he has been able to buy a home and go on vacations with his family relying solely on lottery winnings.

And, he has won a total of seven times so Richard Lustig’s net worth keeps increasing!


Learn To Increase Your Lottery Winning Odds

Depending on trial and error when you can easily download the Richard Lustig book pdf may result in a loss of time and money that should be invested in winning over and over again.

The self help book will change your perspective on how to go about winning the lottery.

The Richard Lustig lottery strategy is popular because it has been widely shared on several platforms such as national TV stations among others.

To back his claims, some average lottery winners say they won using the strategies written in Richard’s best-selling book.
Lottery Winner University

Putting Words Into Practice

Richard Lustig tips are easy to follow and requires no learning curve.

Lustig believes that anyone who is serious about winning the lottery should follow the following four rules.


Four Rules for Playing the Lotto


1. Pick Your Numbers

He does not believe in picking the numbers which you want to play any other way than doing it yourself.

Putting your fate in the hands of a machine is a recipe for failure according to the renowned expert.


2. Do Your Research

Know the Lustig Lottery RulesIt is important to know the numbers which have won in the past.

You get to learn if the numbers you pick have won before.

You can leverage technology by checking previous winning numbers online.


3. Select Your Ten Set Of Numbers

Richard does not believe in changing the numbers each time you play a lottery game.

This is why he expects you to carefully select your numbers and stick with them as long as you decide to continue playing the lottery.

So, even if it does not win today, repeat it the next time you play.


4. Stack The Odds In Your Favor

The best way to do this is to buy as many tickets as you can afford.

The more tickets you have, the more your chances of winning the lottery increase.


Quick Picks

Richard Lustig says buy no quick pick
Based on the Richard Lustig method, playing Quick Picks only stacks the odds in favor of the house.

This is something which you do not want to do if you are serious about winning the lottery.

He believes it will only give you odds which are at their worst.


More Tips

To be a Richard Lustig lottery winner requires following the strategies provided in his book to the letter.

Richard LustigHe claims to have learned more since the book was published.

Therefore, to be in loop with his latest tips, you will need to enroll as a member of his Lottery University.

Richard Lustig insists that lotteries are not won frequently based on sheer luck alone.

His desire to help more people win like him led him to write his best selling book as well as open a Lottery University.

The best part is, a good number of people have testified that they applied his strategies and won.

Find out more at Richard Lustig’s Lottery University.

Winning the Lottery

People with more than one top prize under their belt.

People with more than one win.

According to several past winners, including a statistics professor with Stanford University, winning the lottery is all about luck.

So how did that very Stanford University professor get so lucky that she won the lotto 5 times?

Do you really think it is a co-incidence that this multiple lottery winner is a professor in a subject based in mathematics and the analysis of probabilities when the lottery itself is a mathematical game based in probabilities (and not luck as most people believe believe)?

Winning the Lottery

Although the lottery is a form of gambling it is one of the only gambling games that is not looked upon as undesirable. It is widely considered as an acceptable fun pastime in society these days. Unlike betting on horse racing or other sports games the lottery is viewed as a simple game of luck with everyone who plays having an equal chance of winning.

But is that really true?

winning the lotteryWhen we look at the stories of multiple jackpot winners and the fact that a player must beat out odds of many millions to 1 against them to win just 1 top prize it starts to look as though these amazing multiple jackpots wins are down to more than just luck.

With a standard pick 6 lottery draw offering approximately only a 1 in 14 million chance of winning how on earth have people like Richard Lustig won 7 times?

And, how did a gentle unassuming Stanford professor beat odds of one in eighteen septillion (1 followed by 24 zeros) to win many millions of dollars 4 times in different games ranging from pick 6 to scratch offs?

A Forbes magazine quote by a professor at the Institute for the Study of Gambling & Commercial Gaming at the University of Nevada, Reno lets us know just how strange this event is.

“When something this unlikely happens in a casino, you arrest ‘em first and ask questions later”, Forbes Magazine.

Although Ginther’s win (and similar wins) was talked down by the Texas Lottery Commission claiming that she must have been born under a lucky star. However, they know as well as everyone else with a background in mathematics that it can be no co-incidence that that Ginther is a professor of statistics when the lottery is a game of statistical probabilities.

Picking Winning Lottery Numbers

So how did Ginther win her big prizes?

lottery statistical analysisWell, not surprisingly, she says it was all down to luck. A statement echoed by the lottery companies obviously because they do not want to spoil the illusion that everyone has an equal chance of winning. If everyday players realized that many lotto winners have used specific lotto strategies to gain multiple wins the allure and excitement of playing would wane – as would the lottery’s profits.

It is within Ginther’s interests and the Texas Lottery Commission’s interest to pretend the 1 in septillion wins are just about luck and nothing else.

However, some other past winners, such as Richard Lustig, openly admit that there millions in lotto prizes were gained from following deliberate lottery systems. What’s more some of them offer to teach the same systems to anyone willing to learn them.

So what does this mean for us mere mortals who have no background in mathematics or statistics?

IS Winning the Lotto Really Possible?

Listen to what a 7 time lottery winner has to say about luck and how it really related to winning the lottery!

If you don’t believe that you can win on the lottery then the truth is that you probably never will. This is not just about positive thinking or using the secret to win the lottery (law of attraction).

When you believe that something is possible your mind tends to look for ways to back-up that belief.

When you look for ways to beat the lottery you may just be surprised at what you find. Wheeling numbers is one such way that many syndicates used to increase their chances of winning prizes by many millions to 1.

According to many past winners of multiple top lottery prizes it seems that when when wheeling is combined with statistical analysis winning prizes becomes almost inevitable.

Lottery Winners Stories

With odds of 14 million to 1 stacked against a person how on earth can anyone ever expect to win the lottery? I mean winning would be just an amazing once-in-a-lifetime stroke of pure unadulterated luck. Wouldn’t it?

Past winner shares his story & playing advice

Past winner shares his story & playing advice

Well after you read some lottery winner’s stories you may not think so!

To win big on the lottery and claim millions just like a multitude of past lottery winners is something that only happens to a small select group of people.

In fact winning big on the lotto is so rare that I bet you don’t even know someone who has won even a fairly big prize let alone the jackpot.

So how on earth can someone be that lucky 7 times?

Well, one multiple jackpot winner says he has a system that works like a charm.

Seven Times is a Charm

Voodoo? Black magic? Blessing from the Gods?

What type of trickery is this? Beating out odds of billions upon billions to 1 past lottery winner Richard Lustig has landed not 1 top prize but an astonishing 7.

Yeah that’s right this ordinary guy has 7 big lotto wins under his belt.

Not only has he won the big one multiple times but he has had countless small and medium size wins that are worth a small fortune in themselves.

So if it isn’t voodoo how does he do it?

Lustig’s Lottery Tips

Lustig says playing the lotto to win is about playing a smart game.

Many people believe that simply buying more tickets is enough to improve their chances. However, statistically, buying a heap more tickets does not improve your chances at all as each individual ticket has the same low chance of winning a prize as another. Unless of course you buy them in a specific way.

Playing scratch-offs is one of the easiest ways to land a lottery ticket winner or two as outlined by Lustig.

With a 1 in 4 chance of winning a prize all you have to do is buy all your tickets at the same time and from the same store and same roll.

Don’t spend $20 on different scratch-off tickets. Buy all the same ones.

This means you are almost guaranteed to have 1 or 2 winners among the 20 tickets – statistically you should have 5 winning tickets (as there is a 1 in 4 chance of having a winning lottery ticket).

Start using this approach from now on when you buy scratch-offs and you will start winning much more often.

Obviously this approach does not work when it comes to winning the lottery jackpot or other lottery prizes in the main draw. For that type of game you need a different approach.

Lottery Winner’s Advice for The Main Draw

Most often multiple prize winners claim to have used lottery prediction software to achieve their wins.

Although some people do have success trying to predict number sequences, usually based on hot and cold numbers, it is much more advisable to simply reduce the odds against you by picking more numbers than you are actually allowed.

Through a process known as wheeling it is possible to dramatically increase your odds of winning a prize.

Wheeling is definitely something you should be doing if you are serious about winning on the lotto.

How Wheeling Works

Wheeling is much more difficult to explain than it is to actually implement.

This can be explained more easily using an example.

6-from-49If you are playing a 6 from 49 game then you usually have only 6 chances to get all 6 numbers correct i.e. you can only put 6 numbers on your ticket.

The odds of you correctly picking the 6 winning numbers are approximately 14 million to 1.

However, if you could choose 7 numbers for your ticket then your odds of landing a jackpot prize would decrease from 14 million 1 against you down to half a million to 1 against.

And not only are your chances of winning the jackpot increased but you increase your chances of winning smaller prizes by the dozen.

For example if you correctly select 3 numbers from a 6 from 49 game you do not just win 1 prize. Those 3 numbers will be on multiple lines across your plays leading to multiple wins.

If you match all 6 numbers you will win more than just the jackpot prize. You will win multiple match 5, match 4 and match 3 also.

This is the power of wheeling.

Now, instead of 7 numbers imagine if you could pick 8, 9, 10 or even more numbers.

Well wheeling allows you to do just that. If you want to learn how to win the lottery then you must learn how to wheel numbers.

lottery wheelThrough a simple mathematical formula you can “wheel” your choice of numbers and come up with a sequence of numbers to play on individual tickets which ensure every possible number is matched with every other number from your personal selection.

This will mean the more numbers you wheel the more tickets you will have to buy but your chances of winning are dramatically increased.

Obviously the only drawback to using a wheeling system then is the cost of entries. The more numbers you add to a lottery wheel the better are your chances of winning multiple lottery prizes. However the more numbers you add the more expensive it becomes to play.

For this reason consider joining or starting up your own syndicate of lottery players so you can pool your money and make playing in this way affordable.

The lottery companies do not advertise this fact but the majority of syndicates who win the lottery actually wheel their numbers.

I Want to Win the Lottery. Sid’s Big Secret

Will I Ever Win the Lottery?

i will win the lottery, Sid Brown

“I will win the lottery”, Sid Brown

It is difficult to believe that the mild mannered and softly spoken Sid Brown, once one of our town’s unknown heroes having dedicated his life to teaching our kids, would one day become a famous individual.

I did not even imagine that Sid would become a local celebrity and Internet sensation because he was so shy and reserved. But a celebrity he became and for very good reason.

You see it all started for Sid when he read the story of the 5 times lottery winner who foiled a failed kidnapping attempt because his would-be kidnappers wanted his lotto secret. In the process of saving his own life this mathematical whiz unfortunately bought a bullet in the leg. All But I think I’m getting a little ahead of myself a little here, so let’s go back to the start.

Let me relate this story to you from the very beginning.

Sid Learns About Math

It has been several years now since my buddy Sid first told me the story of the 5 times winning Math professor. I remember the day as though it were yesterday because it was the day that changed my life.

manipulate-mathsBecause Sid had always wanted to win the lotto he had spent many long hours searching for ways to help him achieve his goal.

Along the way he came across some tips & tricks that helped him win more money than usual but nothing really gave him the tools he needed to bust the lotto wide open and get access to the big money prizes.

So he decided to start crawling through old newspapers in the hope of finding stories about unusual lottery wins. It was his hope that he could glean some tidbits of information from them. What he was to discover though was way beyond what he had ever expected or hoped for.

The Story That Started It All

Through all his research Sid read some amazing stories, such as the 35 million lottery curse.

However, it was when he read the story of the mathematics teacher who won the lottery a whopping 5 times that he first realized there already existed at least one system that could be used to beat the lottery (he would later discover that there are actually several such systems).

3 Times in a Row & a Bullet Later

The story that changed Sid’s life, and that would later spark my own imagination, involved a math professor, 3 successive lottery wins, 2 masked gunmen and a bullet.

Click image for the full story of the kidnapping attemptLarry Blair had strove for years to find a way to beat the lottery. He knew he could do it because he had a Phd in mathematics and he knew the lottery was a game based on the law of probability and not just luck.

Well to cut a long story short Prof. Blair cracked the lottery code and would go on to win 5 top prizes but not before he took a bullet to the leg in the most frightening day of his life.

The kidnapper fired questions at Larry in such a fast paced manner he head began to spin and the only thing he remembers from the entire episode are the kidnappers words that still haunt him to this day.

It was in a parking lot, not long after Prof. Blair had received a lot of local press coverage due to his 3 successive wins in the lottery, that are story begins.

Improve your chances

Tell Us How to Win the Lottery or Your Dead

Although Larry Blair would go on to win the lottery a further 2 times (deliberately spaced out over time) it was his first 3 wins that got him into trouble.

i need to win the lotteryNot being as worldly wise as he is today Larry openly flashed his winnings and revealed in the publicity he was receiving for having win the lottery 3 time sin a row. But his new found fame was to come at a price.

While walking to his vehicle from a mall Larry Blair was accosted by 2 armed men intent on learning his secret to winning the lottery.

They demanded that he tell them how he had won the lottery and if he didn’t they were going to shoot him.

Larry asked for paper and a pen and scribbled down a complicated mathematical formula and handed it to one of his attackers.

Blair’s kidnapper screamed at him,

“How will i win the lottery using this system?” in a desperate frantic tone. “Show me how to use this system or your dead. I need to win the lottery now. When will i win the lottery when i use it and how much will i win?”

The questions swirled in Larry’s head as he was gripped by intense fear. Fear that heightened when one attacker turned to the other and yelled “put him in the trunk” while pointing his gun at beat up Chevy parked nearby.

Just at that moment an ambulance turned on its lights and its siren filled the air. This distraction was enough for Larry to make a bolt for freedom but he didn’t get too far before a bullet ripped through the air and lodged itself in his leg.

The rest of the story is history as they say.

The Moral of This Story

Dreaming of a win is not enough. Take action. Image source

Dreaming of a win is not enough. Take action.
Image source:

There are ways to win the lottery.

You can use mathematics to level the playing field and give yourself a real fighting chance.

Using proven lotto methods some people have won multiple prizes.

However, if you win the lottery more than once be sure that you keep a low profile or you may find yourself in a similar situation to Larry Blair.

So Can You Win the Lottery?

Yes you can.

There are specific things that you can do to increase your chances of winning small, medium and large prizes while at the same time winning more often.