How to Cheat the Lottery

Is it possible to cheat the lottery to win big prizes and get rich?

Lottery Ticket from Harvard from 1811

Lottery Ticket from Harvard from 1811

This is a question that has been asked since the launch of the very first lottery in China when keno slips from the Chinese Han Dynasty were sold between 205 and 187 BC.

Since those early days in China when the lottery was used to help fund building projects such as the great Wall of China the lotto has grown exponentially being used in in the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia and dozens of other countries.

It was even used to help fund the revolutionary war in against the British in the newly formed USA.

In all the days since now and then there have been people who have sought to find a system to beat the lottery without having to rely on luck. There have even been those who claim that they have succeeded. If you look at some of the stories of past winners, especially recent ones, you may begin to wonder if it there was something to those cliams.

So is cheating on the lottery possible?

How to Cheat the Lottery (Sort of)

The truth is that there is absolutely no way to cheat on the lottery…sorry!

cheating_Not_allowedHowever, there are people who claim that they have tricks to winning the lottery based on mathematical methods.

According to some tech savvy individuals the lottery itself is not a game of pure luck but is in fact a game that is based on probability.

This revelation may not seem life-changing at first but given some consideration the implications are truly astounding.


Because probability is not based on luck at all.

Probability is based on statistical outcomes, not luck, and because it is based in mathematics it is predictable.

If you let the above statement sink into your brain for just a moment you should get very excited indeed. Read it back to yourself and try to truly comprehend what it means.

Understanding it could change your life!

Have Some Past Winners Used Probability to Beat The Lottery?

When lottery winners make millions of dollars from the lottery no-one bats an eyelid. After all that is what the lottery is all about – winning millions of dollars and changing your life instantaneously.

But when it comes to winners, like Joan Ginther, who won their millions not on one draw but from multiple draws most people begin to realise that something more than luck is involved.

I know that this post is riddled with questions but let me ask you one more.

Do you think it is a co-incidence that Joan Ginther became a millionaire from multiple lottery wins AND that she is a professor of mathematical Statistics at Stanford University?

So, we know that it’s impossible to cheat the lottery. But we also know that the lottery is based on probability, and not luck, and that probability can be manipulated.

It is also a fairly intelligent guess to assume that people like Joan Ginther and Richard Lustig are using more than just luck to win multiple times on the lotto.

How Can I Win the Lottery?

7 lottery winsOkay so we know that there are past lottery winners who claim to have used specific techniques to beat the lottery without cheating.

Using completely legal methods there are people, such as Richard Lustig, who have won 7 top lottery prizes from methods that he does not consider to be gambling.

How does this information effect you?

Tips to Win the Lottery

Although there are ways to play lotteries based on probability not all lotteries are created equal.

For example, there are scratch tactics that are completely different from tactics used for normal lottery draws. The techniques used for standard lottery draws are completely different.

Read Sid’s story, how i won the lottery, where he claims that he discovered a system that can beat any lottery based purely on mathematical formulas.

Sid’s story is entertaining, and alarmingly believable.

How to Hit the Lottery For Easy Wins

The key to winning money on the lottery does not lie in targeting the biggest prizes.

secretIf we can learn anything from people who claim to be using systems it is that they do not target the jackpot prizes. They target medium and small prizes and they target them consistently.

Joan Ginther and Richard Lustig did not win a million dollars in 1 prize yet both of them are multi-millionaires. They won multiple prizes and built up their fortune through multiple wins.

This is how you must play.

Stop thinking in terms of 1 big win and start thinking about multiple smaller wins.

Secrets to Winning the Lottery

The secret to a lottery win is to stop going after a BIG lottery win!

Instead go after many smaller lottery wins.

Real tips for winning the lottery are based on some sound mathematical principles.

If we can learn anything from the multiple lotto winners it is this: Stop relying on luck and start using mathematics and if you can’t do that you should just stop playing.

Lottery Predictions

Back in September 2009 on a chilly Wednesday night illusionist Derren Brown shocked British audiences when he predicted the winning lottery numbers live on television. Now before you get excited about the possibilities you should be aware that Derren Brown is a famous UK illusionist. He didn’t actually win the lottery or predict the numbers. If you are looking for lottery systems that have been designed to do that you need to go here.

So how did Derren Brown fool millions of people into believing he successfully predicted the winning lottery numbers for the UK’s National Lottery draw? What lottery programs were behind this seemingly awesome event?

The Set Up

So, without the use of even a simple a lottery wheeling system Derren Brown apparently successfully precicted all 6 numbers for that week’s lottery game.

After successfully demonstrating that he could predict the winning lottery numbers Brown made a second television show outlining how he did it – or at least outlining how he wanted us to think he did it.

Derren's successful lottery predictions

Derren’s successful lottery predictions

It seems Derren enlisted the help of willing volunteers for his lottery stunt who themselves were unaware of what was really going on.

These volunteers were given a few basic tasks to perform in order to hone their psychic abilities. Each person would predict the numbers to be drawn and Darren would pick the most commonly occurring numbers to add to his 6 digit final pick.

According to Mr. Brown the exercises he gave his volunteers helped them become psychically attuned to the lottery game and thus successfully predict the numbers.

Even the volunteers were amazed when the numbers turned out to be correct.

But of course, Derren Brown is an illusionist so there had to be more to this trick than meets the eye!

The Real Solution to His Lottery Predictions
Many theories have been proposed as to how Derren Brown pulled off this spectacular trick. However there is one that is the most prominent and probably the correct one.

The Guardian newspaper even shows a video explaining how it could have been done with split screens.

Using visual trickery and camera work may seem like a cop-out or cheating these days of CGI when we want our magicians and illusionists to use slight-of-hand rather than modern technology.

However, regardless of the props that were used the results were still spectacular and spell binding. I mean who doesn’t want to have the ability to predict winning lottery numbers at will?!

How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers Like Derren Brown
lottery wheel system
Okay, so you can’t pull off a stunt like Derren Brown did and win the jackpot…let’s face it of Derren really had that ability he would retire and simply win the lottery every week.

So, magically predicting the winning numbers is out. Learning how to win the lottery requires a more scientific approach. But, you can give yourself a better fighting chance in the draw by lowering the odds of winning the lottery jackpot to a number that makes winning a real possibility.

Using the systems outlined on this site it is not possible to pull off a “Derren Brown” but it is possible to increases your chances of winning the lottery by millions to 1.

The Real Solution to Beating the Lottery

The real solution for winning the lottery relies less of television magic and more on hard mathematical science.

Using a lottery wheel is by far the best way to increase your chances of winning some nice prizes on the lotto.

The best lottery software out there will always use some for of number wheeling or incorporate a lottery wheel generator into its algorithm.

If you want a fighting chance in the lottery be sure to learn how to wheel numbers and you will start winning more prizes without any need for the Derren Brown trickery.

Lottery Winners Stories

With odds of 14 million to 1 stacked against a person how on earth can anyone ever expect to win the lottery? I mean winning would be just an amazing once-in-a-lifetime stroke of pure unadulterated luck. Wouldn’t it?

Past winner shares his story & playing advice

Past winner shares his story & playing advice

Well after you read some lottery winner’s stories you may not think so!

To win big on the lottery and claim millions just like a multitude of past lottery winners is something that only happens to a small select group of people.

In fact winning big on the lotto is so rare that I bet you don’t even know someone who has won even a fairly big prize let alone the jackpot.

So how on earth can someone be that lucky 7 times?

Well, one multiple jackpot winner says he has a system that works like a charm.

Seven Times is a Charm

Voodoo? Black magic? Blessing from the Gods?

What type of trickery is this? Beating out odds of billions upon billions to 1 past lottery winner Richard Lustig has landed not 1 top prize but an astonishing 7.

Yeah that’s right this ordinary guy has 7 big lotto wins under his belt.

Not only has he won the big one multiple times but he has had countless small and medium size wins that are worth a small fortune in themselves.

So if it isn’t voodoo how does he do it?

Lustig’s Lottery Tips

Lustig says playing the lotto to win is about playing a smart game.

Many people believe that simply buying more tickets is enough to improve their chances. However, statistically, buying a heap more tickets does not improve your chances at all as each individual ticket has the same low chance of winning a prize as another. Unless of course you buy them in a specific way.

Playing scratch-offs is one of the easiest ways to land a lottery ticket winner or two as outlined by Lustig.

With a 1 in 4 chance of winning a prize all you have to do is buy all your tickets at the same time and from the same store and same roll.

Don’t spend $20 on different scratch-off tickets. Buy all the same ones.

This means you are almost guaranteed to have 1 or 2 winners among the 20 tickets – statistically you should have 5 winning tickets (as there is a 1 in 4 chance of having a winning lottery ticket).

Start using this approach from now on when you buy scratch-offs and you will start winning much more often.

Obviously this approach does not work when it comes to winning the lottery jackpot or other lottery prizes in the main draw. For that type of game you need a different approach.

Lottery Winner’s Advice for The Main Draw

Most often multiple prize winners claim to have used lottery prediction software to achieve their wins.

Although some people do have success trying to predict number sequences, usually based on hot and cold numbers, it is much more advisable to simply reduce the odds against you by picking more numbers than you are actually allowed.

Through a process known as wheeling it is possible to dramatically increase your odds of winning a prize.

Wheeling is definitely something you should be doing if you are serious about winning on the lotto.

How Wheeling Works

Wheeling is much more difficult to explain than it is to actually implement.

This can be explained more easily using an example.

6-from-49If you are playing a 6 from 49 game then you usually have only 6 chances to get all 6 numbers correct i.e. you can only put 6 numbers on your ticket.

The odds of you correctly picking the 6 winning numbers are approximately 14 million to 1.

However, if you could choose 7 numbers for your ticket then your odds of landing a jackpot prize would decrease from 14 million 1 against you down to half a million to 1 against.

And not only are your chances of winning the jackpot increased but you increase your chances of winning smaller prizes by the dozen.

For example if you correctly select 3 numbers from a 6 from 49 game you do not just win 1 prize. Those 3 numbers will be on multiple lines across your plays leading to multiple wins.

If you match all 6 numbers you will win more than just the jackpot prize. You will win multiple match 5, match 4 and match 3 also.

This is the power of wheeling.

Now, instead of 7 numbers imagine if you could pick 8, 9, 10 or even more numbers.

Well wheeling allows you to do just that. If you want to learn how to win the lottery then you must learn how to wheel numbers.

lottery wheelThrough a simple mathematical formula you can “wheel” your choice of numbers and come up with a sequence of numbers to play on individual tickets which ensure every possible number is matched with every other number from your personal selection.

This will mean the more numbers you wheel the more tickets you will have to buy but your chances of winning are dramatically increased.

Obviously the only drawback to using a wheeling system then is the cost of entries. The more numbers you add to a lottery wheel the better are your chances of winning multiple lottery prizes. However the more numbers you add the more expensive it becomes to play.

For this reason consider joining or starting up your own syndicate of lottery players so you can pool your money and make playing in this way affordable.

The lottery companies do not advertise this fact but the majority of syndicates who win the lottery actually wheel their numbers.

How to Win Scratch Offs. Tactics that Work

Although it is the main lotto draw game that attracts the most sales this is not actually where the most money is won on the lottery.

Watch 7 Time Winner Reveal Proven Scratch Off Tips

Watch 7 Time Winner Reveal Proven Scratch Off Tips

Scratch offs, also known as scratchers, pay out more in daily prizes than some lottos pay out in the main weekly draw and are thus becoming ever more popular amongst professional lottery players.

Over the decades some very sophisticated and highly effective methods have been developed by mathematicians and professional gamblers that increase a player’s chances of winning prizes in the main lottery draws.

Likewise, these same professional lottery players have developed and tested strategies for winning on the scratch offs as well.

Learning How to Win Scratch Offs vs Learning How to Win The Lottery

Not a lot of people realize that by following some very practical steps, and using mathematical formulas designed to lessen your risk and increase your odds, many people have won huge prizes on the main lotto draws.

What’s more many of those who used such an approach have done it more than once winning multiple times. Some of them even teach others how to replicate their success.

Therefore it should not be surprising to you that there are also people who have won multiple big prizes on scratchers and that there are those among them who can show you how to win too.

By following the specific steps outlined below a player can dramatically increase their odds of winning on scratch offs.

how to win on scratch offsThe reason why many professional players tend to target scratch offs over the main draw is simple: scratchers are much easier to win.

The chances of winning even a small prize in the main lottery are extremely low compared to your chances of winning a scratch prize.

Some lotto draws offer terrible odds, such as the powerball which gives you odds of 1 in 175 million.

Even in a normal 6/49 game you will only have a 1 in 14 million chance of winning.

Compare these statistics to those of most scratch games which typically give you odds of 1 in 4 of winning a prize.

Even before you use mathematical based techniques to manipulate these odds to be more in your favour it is obvious that you have a better chance of winning a prize on a scratch off.

When you use proven scratcher techniques to improve these odds even further you can be assured of winning prizes and almost guarantee yourself a healthy profit for your effort.

One of the best ways to increase your odds in a normal lotto draw is to use number wheeling as it is a proven technique that has is responsible for creating hundreds of millionaires.

However, when it comes to playing scratch offs different tactics are needed.

How to Play Scratch Offs & Win

Obviously due to the better odds scratch offs are by far the easiest lottery to win, although it is disputable whether this is the best way to win the lottery in general (because there are techniques that can be used to beat the main lotto draws).

It is, however, most definitely the fastest and easiest way to win prizes over any other type of lottery game.

How to Win the Lottery Scratch Off Game Using Mathematics

The best way to win the lottery is with math

The best way to win the lottery is with math

Below is a detailed guide demonstrating how to play scratch offs in ways that are proven to increase your odds of winning.

As you read each step it will become evident how it works and why it works.

Be sure to follow all the steps as closely as possible.

Step 4 and 5 are the only steps you can interchange. All other steps must be followed completely.

Step 1: Start to Think Like a Winner

think like a winnerIt is vital that you start to think like a winner.

Set a budget and stick to it!

That’s what winners do.

Only losers spend rent money gambling.

Only losers spend grocery money on tickets or neglect their children and responsibilities in the hope that they can double their money.

Winners do take risks but they take calculated risks.

When you follow the steps in this system you will start to win money but at the outset you should only use money that you can afford to lose.

Starting small does not mean you will continue having small wins.

In step 6 you will learn how to leverage your winnings to grow your pot and get richer. You can do this with a small initial stake by simply reinvesting your winnings instead of spending them.

Step 2. Choose Your Game

What are the Best Scratch Offs to Play?

The first step in knowing how to win a scratch off game is to know which scratch off game to play.

$1_scratch-offsNot all scratch offs are created equal.

Usually the scratch games with the biggest pay-outs have the worst odds. You should avoid playing these unless you can buy them in bulk following step 3 through 5.

Chose a scratch game that has odds of winning that are at least 1 in 4.

You can identify a game’s odds simply by looking at the back of the card.

Try to buy lower costing cards so you can get more for your money but only if the odds are at least 1 in 4 and there are fairly good prizes on offer.

Step 3. Buy Only One Type of Scratch Game at a Time

Once you have chosen the game you will play it is vital you buy only scratch tickets that play that game.

Many players make the mistake of mixing there scratch cards by buying a few different types in the belief they are diversifying their holdings. But, this is the wrong approach.

If a scratch off has a 1 in 4 chance of winning then on average every fourth scratch card will be a winner. That means if you buy 8 of the same scratch games from the same batch at least 2 of them should be winners.

So when you purchase your tickets make sure you get them all from the same batch and the same store and at the same time.

You won’t believe how following this simple step will dramatically increase your winnings.

Step 4. Play Only Once Per Week

In the last step you learned how buying your tickets all at once from the same batch can dramatically increase your odds of having a few winning tickets.

play once per monthWell you can increase your chances even more and also increase the chances of having bigger amounts on your tickets by simply pooling your stake money.

Instead of buying a few tickets every day or every other day keep that money until the end of the week and then buy all your tickets at the same time.

Step 5. Try to Play Only Once Per Month

Just as playing only once per week will give you an advantage, playing only once per month will give you an even bigger one.

You will increase your chance of landing some tickets with bigger amounts on them if you play only once per month and also greatly increase your chances of having more winning tickets because you will have greater purchasing power.

By using your monthly stake money to purchase your tickets all at the same time you will greatly increase the likelihood of landing some nice wins.

WarningA Word of Warning
Before you jump into this step refer back to step 1 !!!

Make sure you save your monthly stake. Do not jump the gun and buy your monthly tickets in week 1…wait until week 4 when you have saved the cash!

Remember you are forming the habits of a winner.

Winners set rules and follow them. It is vital you stick to this advice as it will ensure you do not end up spending money you need for essentials and it will also guard against possible future squandering of your winnings.

As you start to win money and are tempted to spend it randomly on more tickets you will see just how important setting a budget is.

Step 6. Leverage Your Wins

How to Win Scratch OffsIf you start off with a very small amount of money as your stake you should reinvest all your winnings back into your pot.

With each passing week/month your stake money will grow as you win more and as you add that new month’s budgeted money to your stake.

When you reach a sizable stake amount you can start to reinvest half your winnings back into your stake while you spend the other half. This way you will still be growing your stake money while starting to enjoy the benefits of your wins.

Use the “Winning Scratch Off Lottery Strategy” & Watch Your Life Change

There you have it. That’s how to win lottery scratch offs; it’s all about mathematics and following a simple plan.

As you can see a lotto scratch game is the best lottery to play for immediate wins compared to the higher stake games. However, if you want to go large and have bigger wins you will need a strategy designed to beat the main lotto games like pick 6, pick , pick 3, mega millions etc., but you should be able to get good leverage from following the information on this page.

You now know how to win at scratch offs by playing smarter while playing less often.

You can get the infographic outlines how to win on scratch offs.

I Want to Win the Lottery. Sid’s Big Secret

Will I Ever Win the Lottery?

i will win the lottery, Sid Brown

“I will win the lottery”, Sid Brown

It is difficult to believe that the mild mannered and softly spoken Sid Brown, once one of our town’s unknown heroes having dedicated his life to teaching our kids, would one day become a famous individual.

I did not even imagine that Sid would become a local celebrity and Internet sensation because he was so shy and reserved. But a celebrity he became and for very good reason.

You see it all started for Sid when he read the story of the 5 times lottery winner who foiled a failed kidnapping attempt because his would-be kidnappers wanted his lotto secret. In the process of saving his own life this mathematical whiz unfortunately bought a bullet in the leg. All But I think I’m getting a little ahead of myself a little here, so let’s go back to the start.

Let me relate this story to you from the very beginning.

Sid Learns About Math

It has been several years now since my buddy Sid first told me the story of the 5 times winning Math professor. I remember the day as though it were yesterday because it was the day that changed my life.

manipulate-mathsBecause Sid had always wanted to win the lotto he had spent many long hours searching for ways to help him achieve his goal.

Along the way he came across some tips & tricks that helped him win more money than usual but nothing really gave him the tools he needed to bust the lotto wide open and get access to the big money prizes.

So he decided to start crawling through old newspapers in the hope of finding stories about unusual lottery wins. It was his hope that he could glean some tidbits of information from them. What he was to discover though was way beyond what he had ever expected or hoped for.

The Story That Started It All

Through all his research Sid read some amazing stories, such as the 35 million lottery curse.

However, it was when he read the story of the mathematics teacher who won the lottery a whopping 5 times that he first realized there already existed at least one system that could be used to beat the lottery (he would later discover that there are actually several such systems).

3 Times in a Row & a Bullet Later

The story that changed Sid’s life, and that would later spark my own imagination, involved a math professor, 3 successive lottery wins, 2 masked gunmen and a bullet.

Click image for the full story of the kidnapping attemptLarry Blair had strove for years to find a way to beat the lottery. He knew he could do it because he had a Phd in mathematics and he knew the lottery was a game based on the law of probability and not just luck.

Well to cut a long story short Prof. Blair cracked the lottery code and would go on to win 5 top prizes but not before he took a bullet to the leg in the most frightening day of his life.

The kidnapper fired questions at Larry in such a fast paced manner he head began to spin and the only thing he remembers from the entire episode are the kidnappers words that still haunt him to this day.

It was in a parking lot, not long after Prof. Blair had received a lot of local press coverage due to his 3 successive wins in the lottery, that are story begins.

Improve your chances

Tell Us How to Win the Lottery or Your Dead

Although Larry Blair would go on to win the lottery a further 2 times (deliberately spaced out over time) it was his first 3 wins that got him into trouble.

i need to win the lotteryNot being as worldly wise as he is today Larry openly flashed his winnings and revealed in the publicity he was receiving for having win the lottery 3 time sin a row. But his new found fame was to come at a price.

While walking to his vehicle from a mall Larry Blair was accosted by 2 armed men intent on learning his secret to winning the lottery.

They demanded that he tell them how he had won the lottery and if he didn’t they were going to shoot him.

Larry asked for paper and a pen and scribbled down a complicated mathematical formula and handed it to one of his attackers.

Blair’s kidnapper screamed at him,

“How will i win the lottery using this system?” in a desperate frantic tone. “Show me how to use this system or your dead. I need to win the lottery now. When will i win the lottery when i use it and how much will i win?”

The questions swirled in Larry’s head as he was gripped by intense fear. Fear that heightened when one attacker turned to the other and yelled “put him in the trunk” while pointing his gun at beat up Chevy parked nearby.

Just at that moment an ambulance turned on its lights and its siren filled the air. This distraction was enough for Larry to make a bolt for freedom but he didn’t get too far before a bullet ripped through the air and lodged itself in his leg.

The rest of the story is history as they say.

The Moral of This Story

Dreaming of a win is not enough. Take action. Image source

Dreaming of a win is not enough. Take action.
Image source:

There are ways to win the lottery.

You can use mathematics to level the playing field and give yourself a real fighting chance.

Using proven lotto methods some people have won multiple prizes.

However, if you win the lottery more than once be sure that you keep a low profile or you may find yourself in a similar situation to Larry Blair.

So Can You Win the Lottery?

Yes you can.

There are specific things that you can do to increase your chances of winning small, medium and large prizes while at the same time winning more often.

The Winning Lottery Number Generator

There are many applications that can easily create random numbers for your lotto play with just the bush of a button (there is one at the bottom of this page). But before you go charging in to get your lotto numbers be aware that the output from these little number selecting apps are based on true randomness and randomness always gives you terrible odds in the lottery.

dice random number generatorThere are much better ways to select your numbers based on a scientific and statistical approach.

Now there are sites on the net that tout randomness as being better than using an algorithmic approach but this is complete and utter nonsense.

Using a random lottery number generator gives you only a minuscule chance of winning i.e. 1 in 14 million in 6 from 49 games and 1 in 258,890,850 in Mega Millions. Not great odds!

I bet you’d prefer a generator that cuts those odds down to 1 in 35 instead!

The Myth of The Random Lottery Numbers Generator

lottery number generatorA lotto number generator based upon true randomness gives you almost zero chance of winning a prize.

Truly random numbers have no more chance of being winners than numbers that have been chosen based on significant dates, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

In fact, statistically speaking, you have a better chance of dreaming the winning numbers than you do of landing them with a random pick.

If you truly want to give yourself the best chance of winning a lotto prize then you should avoid random picks altogether.

There are better ways to buy your tickets that don’t rely solely on luck to land a prize.

Don’t believe for a minute that using a lottery number generator will help you win the lottery and don’t buy into the belief that the lottery is purely based on luck either.

It’s based on probability and can be beaten by having a statistical approach and you can do wonderful things when it comes to probability!

The Best Lottery Number Picker

Any lotto numbers generator worth its salt will be based upon a mathematical and statistical model that works with the laws of probability to give you a higher chance of winning. It will not merely spit out a bunch of random numbers.

A lotto generator that does not have a statistical bias and that does not use some form of lottery number analysis is worse than useless. Using random numbers equates to losing. They give such low odds that you have a better chance of being dead than winning the lottery.

Using such a system to pick your numbers is the equivalent to using no system at all.

If you do win a prize it will be down to pure luck as with any other ‘normal’ ticket and that type of luck is extremely rare.

When playing lotto games you should never rely on luck.

A Lotto Generator With a Difference

Rather than using a random number generator, first developed by scientists for statistical analysis, you should use a more scientific approach.

But before you even select even one number you must first know which numbers to avoid.

Number & Sequence Avoidance

Learning how to win the lottery starts with knowing how not to lose. There are specific number sequences you should avoid.

For example, never pick numbers that run in a sequence such 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Avoid running sqeuences

Avoid running sequences

It is highly unlikely they will ever come up and if they do you can be sure thousands of other people will have chosen such an obvious sequential run and you would have to share your “once in a lifetime” prize with them.

Likewise you should avoid a run of all even or odd number sequences such as 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 for the same reasons.

They Run Hot & Cold

One of the best ways to pick your numbers is to, firstly avoid cold numbers, and secondly to focus on the hot numbers.

This simple trick can be enough to give you a huge advantage that most other lotto players never experience.

Many players unknowingly play cold numbers without ever considering the importance and power a hot number can have on their “luck”.

So, what are hot & cold numbers?

Cold Numbers

In every specific lotto game that uses number selection (i.e. not scratch offs) there will be specific numbers that are statistically less likely to be selected by the lottery machine on draw day.

cold numberThese numbers are known as cold numbers.

Based on past draws these numbers have been selected by the lottery machine less times than others (or almost never). They are therefore called cold numbers.

It is best to avoid putting cold numbers in your selection.

On the flip side there are those numbers that you should focus on and use in your selection.

Hot Numbers

Just as there are specific numbers that rarely make an appearance in a lottery winning line there are also specific numbers that make an appearance more often than the others.

hot 9The numbers that appear more often than is statistically normal are known as hot numbers.

Hot numbers often come in pairs where 2 or more numbers constantly come up in winning lines.

By picking your number selection from the current hot numbers you immediately improve your chances of having some winning numbers.

However, this is only half the story. If you really want to improve your odds of winning prizes in the lottery then you need to wheel your numbers.

Wikipedia explains how wheeling works if you want to try to work out the mathematics yourself, but I’ve found it much easier to let someone else do it for you.

Most hot & cold numbers can be found on the relevant official lotto site of the game you are playing or by doing a simple internet search.

Random Lotto Numbers Generator

I strongly advise anyone who skipped to this section to go back and read this entire post. If you don’t you will lose out on some valuable information that can greatly increase your odds of winning a lotto prize.

If you don’t have time or just merely want to take your chances with a bunch of random numbers (and have a 1 in 258,890,850 chance of winning instead of a 1 in 35) then just click the button below for completely random selections. Good luck with that…you’ll need it!

Click each time you want new numbers.

What are Your Chances of Winning the Lottery – Really?

This is not the case for "smart" players

It seems this is not the case for all players
(as outlined below)

We are told that winning a lottery like mega millions requires a lucky gambler to beat out odds of 175 million to 1.

These are harsh odds.

Even in a standard 6/49 draw, such as the Canadian Lottery or UK National Lottery, you need to beat odds of approximately 14 million to 1 in order to land the big prize.

It is no wonder you have a “better” chance of being dead on draw day than actually winning the jackpot. But what if there was a guaranteed way of winning?

“If the lottery odds really are so low then how can we account for the following information.”

Are we to believe these cases are mere coincidence?

Do you believe they are coincidence?

I sincerely doubt it!

I think perhaps there is something we aren’t being told by the mainstream media and lottery companies regarding the inner mathematical workings of the lottery and how it really works.

Improve your chances

So What is the Chance of Winning the Lottery?

struck_by_lightningThe chances of winning lottery prizes when you play “in the normal way” are depressingly low.

So low in fact that if you buy your Saturday draw ticket on a Monday you have a higher chance of being struck by lightning before Saturday ever comes than you do of actually winning the jackpot.

Sad but true.

But this “truth” only applies to those of you who buy your tickets the same way that 99% of other lotto players do. Buying a ticket in the usual manner means that your chance of winning the lottery is about as high as your chances are of dating an “A” list Hollywood celebrity or pop star – it just ain’t gonna happen.

What’s more, simply buying more tickets does not increase your lottery chances by any significant amount either.

You could buy ten thousand tickets and only marginally increase your likelihood of landing the Big One.

You see most “normal” strategies will increase your odds by a few decimal points only. If you’re lucky you may accidentally reduce your odds from 175 million to 1 down to 174 million to 1.

So, with odds as poor as this it strains credibility when we are told that cases like those mentioned above are purely down to luck.

Anyone with any sense at all will know that something else is going here. Something that no-one is reporting on.

So, if luck wasn’t the main driving force behind these amazing wins what was? How did the above mentioned winners actually do it?

Learn How to Increase the Chances of Winning the Lottery
Personally I have always been interested in playing the lottery more for entertainment than in the belief that I could really win it.

lottery_excitementThe small buzz you get from checking each number on your ticket as the draw takes place is pleasant and gives a short distraction from life’s problems.

Personally I have always felt that the mounting excitement I experience when I match the first 1 or 2 numbers, is well worth the ticket price alone.

After all can you put a price on hope?

Is it not worth a dollar or two?

However, when I first learned that it was possible to greatly improve the chances of winning the lottery and actually more or less guarantee a profit from playing it simply by using the correct mathematical sequences I got really excited.

Although I initially believed it would be difficult to learn the complicated mathematics needed to win the lottery I took the plunge and purchased a lottery book that promised to make the whole thing easy and worth it.

How to Increase your Chances of Winning the Lottery

There is only really one proven way to increase your odds in the lottery and that is by number wheeling.

When you wheel numbers in a lotto game you get to cover more “bets” so to speak.

Essentially wheeling allows you to pick more numbers than you normally would on any given draw.

A typical lottery wheel with only 7 numbers. Average cost would be $28 in tickets.

A typical lottery wheel with only 7 numbers. Average cost would be $28 in tickets.

For example, in a 6/49 game, where you must match 6 numbers from a selection of 49, you normally only get to choose 6 numbers to put on your ticket.

But when using a wheeling system you can pick more than 6 numbers and ensure all your numbers turn up together on at least 1 ticket.

Basically you are covering every potential line of numbers that could be produced from your own number selection.

What is Wheeling

To explain this in a way that will be easier to understand I would like you to simply start by imagining you decided to pick 7 numbers instead of the standard 6.

If you could put all 7 numbers on a ticket you would reduce your odds from approximately 14 million against a jackpot win down to only a half a million against a jackpot win – all by just using 1 extra number.

Although half a million to 1 still sounds like awful odds (which it is) it is still much better than 14 million to 1.

However, the true power of wheeling lies not so much in increasing your odds of winning the jackpot but in increasing your odds of winning the smaller prizes (and lots of them). I will address this a little later in this post.

Of course you cannot put 7 numbers on a ticket in a 6 from 49 draw. But, you can “wheel” those 7 numbers and this essentially does the same thing.

When you wheel 7 numbers you cover all possible combinations of those 7 numbers; thus reducing your odds from approximately 14 million against you down to only a half a million to 1. The only drawback is that there are 27 possible combinations so you would need to purchase 27 tickets.

When you wheel more numbers the amount of possible combinations increases and therefore so does the number of tickets you need to purchase but the odds of you winning are increased tremendously.

It is actually possible to wheel all possible combinations and thus guarantee you win the jackpot but this would require the purchase of approximately 14 million lotto tickets.

It does show though that it is possible to give yourself a fighting chance in the lottery.

Increasing Multiple Wins

The thing that is most exciting about wheeling numbers is not the increased odds of winning the jackpot but the dramatically increased odds of winning smaller prizes.

lottery_systemWhen you wheel numbers in the lotto you give yourself a truly unfair advantage over other players when it comes to the smaller prizes.

Depending on the amount of numbers you wheel you can almost guarantee yourself multiple medium and small prize wins.

You can always stay in profit from your lottery plays and many professional lotto players make a nice living from doing just this.

So if you use a bona fide wheeling system what are your chances of winning the lottery?

Well, as you have seen by only wheeling 1 extra number in a 6 from 49 draw you can reduce the odds against you down by a huge 13 and a half million!

When you start to wheel more numbers you almost guarantee yourself some juicy returns on your investment.

Wheeling Your Way to a Win

lottery_systemSo, when wheeling numbers, the aim of the game is not a jackpot win (though many “wheelers” have achieved just that) but is to win multiple smaller prizes.

Think of it this way: would you rather have 1 big prize that you may have to share with other winners or would you rather have a system that wins multiple small and medium prizes on a consistent basis?

If you can keep winning multiple medium and small prizes then it wouldn’t take long to win more than the jackpot winners who won only once.

Honestly, if you want to win the lottery then wheeling is the way to go. So be sure to try out a simple wheeling system for yourself, especially if you play as part of a syndicate as the increase in ticket purchases required will not impact on you personally.

What are the chances of winning the lottery if you don’t use such a system? Next to zero!