Powerful Lotto Strategies Based on Math

Watch Nancy Redd Grill 7-Time Winner About His Lotto Strategies

It has always been accepted as a solid unchangeable fact that winning the lottery is down to pure luck. Unless you have a crystal ball that throws up next week’s winning numbers, or have the capability to travel back in time, there is no other way to secure top prizes in the lottery except by pure luck.


Well maybe not! Hold onto your hat because there are multiple people, with multiple jackpot wins, who say luck has absolutely nothing to do with it!

Lotto Strategies Don’t Need Luck

According to a 4-time multi-million dollar winner luck has nothing to do with it! And she isn’t alone in that view.

It seems that there are some people out there who are so lucky they can beat odds of a septillion to 1 to land 4 big scratch-off wins while others go even further to land 5 and even 7 top lotto wins on the bigger games.

How do they do it?

Well it seems they all have specific playing styles in common. These are not just whimsical styles of play either, such as specific ways of picking numbers or playing special dates. It would appear that there really are mathematical based lotto strategies designed to beat out the odds and that those strategies are, without a doubt, behind some of the most fantastical multiple lotto wins ever recorded in the game.

In fact, there is a growing number of lottery winners, with several big wins under their belts, who claim luck had nothing to do with their wins. One such winner gives a glimpse of how these strategies work by showing anyone who to beat scratch-offs regularly here.

Many openly talk about having used lotto strategies to give them the edge in the main draw and some even suggest you can learn how to win powerball or megamillions as well. While, a significantly larger number, try to keep their lottery strategies secret as they strive to stay anonymous.

For obvious reasons, which will become apparent as you read on, it has been a pretty well guarded secret within lottery companies that the lotto is not actually a game of chance/luck at all but that it is in fact a game of probabilities.

To understand this concept better think about the coin toss game where you try to guess whether a tossed coin will end up heads or tails.

Are there really lotto strategies that work?

Are there really lotto strategies that work?

When you play this game there is a 50/50, or 50%, chance of you guessing correctly because their is a 50% chance of either side coming up.

This means, from a probability stand point, that your choices should be correct half the time.

As you can see your odds of winning the coin toss game are even but winning the game is really just down to luck as you can only bet on 1 of the 2 possible outcomes. Many people believe that the lotto is the same, but it’s not.

It therefore would seem to be smart to believe that the lottery works in the same way. But the lotto has a key difference from the coin toss game in the fact that you can cover all possible outcomes and are not just restricted to one guess.

The lottery works a little differently to the “Luck” based coin toss game in the fact that you can cover every single possible outcome in the game to 100% guaranteed you correctly predict the numbers drawn on the lottery every single time. If you play the game using probability and cover every possible line that could be drawn as your lottery strategy you can guarantee a jackpot lotto win.


The Best Kept Secret in The Lotto

Over the years smart syndicates, made up of wealthy business men, have won several lotto jackpots by using the strategy described above to 100% predict the winning numbers in the game they were playing.

lottery_secretDon’t believe it is possible to use probability to guarantee a lotto win?

Well it is, and it has been done several times before. In fact the UK National Lottery has taken steps to stop this practice by raiding the price of their tickets from £1 to £2 and monitoring excess lottery ticket purchases by any one group as they deem it unfair to other players.

The latest rollover win secured by using this method was in Ireland.

Unfortunately, in a Pick 6 game it would mean you have to buy approximately 14 million tickets as there are approximately 14 million possible combinations. In the Powerball you would need to purchases about 175 million tickets.

This approach would prove too costly for mere mortals.

Lottery Strategies That Work on a Tighter Budget

Obviously even the biggest of syndicates would be unable to purchase every single possible number combination in their chosen lotto game. Even syndicates made up of millionaires would struggle to with 175 million ticket purchases on the Powerball.

So what are the alternatives?

Well, instead of buying all possible combinations to guarantee a lotto jackpot win you can use the same basic premise to cut down the odds against you winning to a reasonable number.

For example instead of having a 1 in 14 million chance of winning you can reduce that down to 1 in half a million simply by wheeling 7 numbers instead of 6 in a Pick 6 game. By wheeling 7 numbers you would cover all possible combinations of those 7 numbers which would create only 27 tickets/lines.

Wheeling Numbers Lottery Strategy

Watch the video below for an overview of how wheeling works and to discover proven lottery strategies that have been used by multiple winners to win multiple prizes.

You can use these winning lotto plays for smart pick 3, pick 6 & even Powerball or any other lottery out there for that matter.

How to Win the Lottery Using Math

What do a 4-time, a 5-time & a 7-time lottery winner have in common?

Nancy Redd interview reveals how to win the lottery

Watch the Huffington Post interview that had the Lottery Corporations Enraged

Well apparently they all used a simple mathematical strategy to help them win the lotto, not once but, multiple times.

According to several sources, one of whom is a multiple winner himself, this mathematical strategy is so powerful that using it in its simplest form and making one simple tweak in how you play your ticket can reduce the odds against you from 14 million to 1 down to half a million to 1. These odds then get slashed considerably more when when you start to actually apply science behind the nuts & bolts of his lotto system.

But, are these claims just “pie in the sky” ramblings of a mad man or just plain downright lies told by charlatan?

To answer those questions we must delve deeper into the science behind “the system”!

Can a Book Really Show You How to Win the Lottery?

So you want to know how to win the lottery?

If you do then you are not alone. Landing a top prize on the lotto is the dream of many.

It really signifies an instant life change (which is not always for the better). And although becoming an instant millionaire may bring with it its own problems let’s be honest, who doesn’t like free money?!

But before you start dreaming of how you will spend all that filthy cash there is one nagging concern that needs to be addressed; can you really predict winning lottery numbers and guarantee yourself some easy cash or is it all just a load of baloney? Is it possible to learn how to win the lottery or is every win just down to blind luck?

Well in this post it is my aim to answer the aforementioned questions and several others related to winning the lottery that you may not even have thought of.

Can You Be Taught How to Win the Lottery?

Firstly, let’s address the main questions: is it really possible that a simple lottery book can teach you the complicated mathematical formulas needed to win the lotto or that a piece of computer software can do all that number crunching for you? Can using the formulas these systems are based on really guarantee a lottery win?

learn how to win the lotteryDo such formulas even exist?

If we assume that winning lottery systems do indeed exist and that such mathematics is within the capabilities of us mere mortals, (and that non-genius types can use it), how do we go about learning how to win the lottery?

Let’s find out!

Does Richard Lustig Really Know How to Win the Lotto?

Ever since the game was invented there have been maverick “entrepreneurs” and mathematical whiz-kids battling to beat the immense negative odds offered in the lotto.

7 time lottery winner reveals how to win the lottery secret

7 time lottery winner reveals secret

Although almost all of these aspiring lottery masters ended up as “losers”, in every sense of the word, it seems that a small percentage of them did indeed succeed in winning huge fortunes.

With the likelihood of dying, before the draw even takes place, being greater than landing a jackpot prize almost everyone believed that these cases were just anomalies or mere coincidence.

However, when a math professor won five times and a Stanford Statistics professor won four times some people began to wonder.

I mean, could it really just be mere coincidence that a guy with a PhD in Mathematics won the top prize 5 times and a gal with a PhD in Statistics beat out the lottery 4 times?

It is no wonder the lottery companies began to take notice.

Then, when an ordinary guy with no mathematical background at all, and who wouldn’t know a pie chart from an apple pie, beat out odds of 175 million to 1 – a whopping seven times to win 7 top lottery prizes lots more people started to take notice.

Richard Lustig claims that through trial and error he taught himself how to win the lottery. And with 7 wins to his name it is difficult to believe that he is lying or merely disillusion.

How to Win the Lottery Lustig Style
It seems that some past winners have developed lottery systems. In other cases they have been shown how to win the lottery through systems. These systems work to lower the massive odds stacked against a player in lotto games.

You see in a standard 6 from 49 lotto draw the odds against you are approximately 14 million to 1. In Powerball the odds are even worse at approximately 175 million to 1 against you.

But by working with mathematics, and through the manipulation of the law of probability, lotto master players have been able to reduce those insane odds to a much more favorable number. In fact they were able to reduce the odds by many, many millions.

According to just 1 lottery book author there are 131 past winners who used his system. Lustig has 7 wins under his belt and Statistics professor Joan Ginther has 4. It seems pretty obvious that these guys know something that ordinary players do not. It would appear that they really have discovered how to win the lottery on a consistent basis.

When you consider that that there are many different systems available and lots of past winners you remain anonymous or don’t talk about their winning strategies how many more winners might there be who have used such systems?

Think about it: is it possible that a huge percentage of lottery winners are actually using mathematical or statistical formulas to help them win? If that is the case then anyone who is not using a system is merely feeding the prize fund and has an almost zero chance of winning.

Unfortunately, if you are not doing something to increase your odds then you most definitely are just feeding the prize fund for people who are increasing their odds.

So, How Do You Win the Lottery?
how to win the lottery mega millionsOkay, so the stories of past winners using lottery systems to win are inspirational. While at the same time playing the lottery in the normal way now looks like a depressing waste of time.

And it all sounds interesting but how can this information help you in your quest for lottery mastery?

How can you avoid being a “prize fund feeder” and actually start winning some money instead of helping to pay for someone else’s dreams?

How to Win the Lottery Guaranteed

You Mean It’s Possible to Guarantee a Lotto Win?
Do you want a sure-fired 100% guaranteed way to beat any lotto draw whenever you want (every week if you want to)?

Don’t think it’s possible to guarantee a jackpot win?

Think again!

It is absolutely possible to guarantee a jackpot win on any lottery.

In fact, you could win this week’s 6 from 49 draw easily and have zero chance of losing.

All you need is $14,000,000!

It may be true that if you had $14 million to spend on lottery tickets you wouldn’t need to win any money anyway. However, syndicates in the past, made up of millionaire business men, have done just that investing huge sums of money on tickets in order to secure lottery jackpots.

Obviously they didn’t rely on sheer luck.

By using a technique called number wheeling, and by waiting for a large rollover, these syndicates guaranteed a jackpot win (along with multiple medium & small prizes) to ensure they got a profit on their investment.

The reason for the $14,000,000 ticket price was that they had to buy all possible permutations in order to cover every possible outcome thus guaranteeing a jackpot win.

Although it is interesting, and dare I say inspiring, to learn that you can actually guarantee a lottery jackpot win it is of little to no use to us mere mortals who do not have $14 million to invest and who don’t have mega rich friends willing to lend us the money.

So how do you win the lottery without having to break the bank?

Is it possible to win on the lotto using a system that does not require a huge financial investment?

Many past lottery winners say that it is!

The Lottery Book That Reveals All

There are software applications, phone apps and even lottery books that teach the foundational mathematics needed to wheel numbers and thus reduce the fantastical odds against you.

Such aids can teach you how to wheel enough numbers (to cover more possible outcomes in a draw) to reduce your odds of winning from approximately 14 million to 1 against you down to half a million to 1 against you for as little as $28 in lottery tickets.

Still not great odds but a huge advantage over other players all the same. However, you will dramatically increase your chances of winning multiple medium and small prizes to ensure you make a profit from your plays.

When you wheel even more numbers the money required to play (your stake or ticket costs) will increase but you will increase your chances of winning big prizes also.

And the great thing about wheeling numbers is that you do not just increase your chances of winning the jackpot you also explode your odds of winning small and medium size prizes also.

How to Win the Lottery Through Syndicate
Because wheeling requires you to spend more money on tickets it can be costly to the individual player. Learning how to win the lottery involves more than just number crunching.

For this reason we always advise aspiring lottery winners to either join a syndicate or create a new one.

Obviously if you create your own syndicate then you can start wheeling numbers from the outset without the need to convince people that you know how to win the lottery.

However, if you join an existing syndicate the members may take some convincing that wheeling works. You may find that many people in existing syndicates are reluctant to change from their current strategy, which most likely is not working, to your winning wheeling strategy. Try telling them that you know how to win the lottery and they will probably laugh at you.

It is vital that you succeed in this endeavor though if you want to win money. You must convince any syndicate that you join that you can teach them how to win the lottery by using wheeling systems.

If you join a syndicate that refuses to wheel their numbers leave it. If you cannot find enough people to create your own syndicate then, find another one that is willing to follow your advice. Teaching your syndicate how to win the lottery with wheeling systems is the only way you can ensure you beat a system that has been designed to make sure you lose.

Florida Lottery Strategies

Florida Lottery LogoSince its first inception in 1986, and its first live game in 1988, lottery players have sought strategies that would enable them to beat the odds and land a nice big cash prize in the Florida Lotto.

But do such strategies exist?

You may be surprised to learn that they do though they may not be exactly what you might expect.

For anyone interested in the Florida lottery’s history I have included a quick overview below. If you just want instant access to the strategies you can skip ahead here.

History of The Florida Lottery

The Florida Lottery was first introduced in 1986 through a constitutional amendment. The lottery was permitted to operate on the understanding that all the proceeds would be used to promote and improve education within the State of Florida.

The then Governor, Bob Martinez, along with the Florida Legislature established the lottery as a means of creating much needed revenue to fund their ambitious educational programs. So the lotto received funding from the General Revenue Fund and was given a healthy $15.5 million loan for set-up costs.

The first permanent Lottery Secretary to be appointed was Rebecca Paul and she has overseen the drive to establish the State lotto as a responsible fun gambling game that provides real tangible benefits to State residents.

The first lotto game went live in 1988 and within the first six days of operation it broke all previous records for lottery sales generating an estimated $95 million in sales for just 1 game.

Just seventeen days after its first live sale the Florida Lottery was able to repay the General Revenue Fund loan of $15.5 million with interest.

Florida Lottery Games

The current lottery games available to play on the Florida Lottery are as follows:
florida lottery games

  • Powerball
  • MEGA Millions
  • Main Lotto Draw
  • Fantasy 5
  • Lucky Money
  • Play 4 Midday
  • Cash 3 Midday
  • Play 4 Evening
  • Cash 3 Evening

Although there are seven games available to play in the Florida Lottery the basic techniques used to increase your overall chances of winning remain pretty much the same.

They are outlined below.

Florida Scratch Off Plays

Just as with any lottery there are multiple scratch off games available to play that have the usual odds of approximately 1 in 4. We will not cover scratch off strategies here as they have been covered elsewhere on this site.

If you want a truly indepth strategic guide to winning on scratch offs, in any State or country, be sure to sign up to our email list which has an email sequence that teaches you all the dirty little secrets to winning on scratch offs and building up to a full time income from those wins (it’s actually a lot easier than you think).

The scratch off email sequence kicks in a few weeks after your initial sign up as you will be given some techniques to play in standard games first.

How to Win the Florida Lottery

how to win the florida lotteryAs mentioned previously, although there are several games available to play in the Florida Lottery the basic techniques for picking winning lines are the same.

There are 5 proven steps to take that will not only increase your chances of winning the Florida lottery once but will increase your chances of winning multiple prizes, multiple times.

After all do you think it is a co-incidence that some people have won the lottery 4, 5 or even 7 times?

Or do you think there is something more than just luck going on?

Florida Lottery Strategies

Below is a bullet list of the essential steps you must follow to ensure you start winning more often.

Follow these steps carefully and you cannot fail to start winning more in your chosen lotto game.

Florida Lottery Strategies:

  1. Pick Hot Numbers.

  2. In every lottery draw in every State or Country there is a phenomenon known as hot & cold numbers. The Florida Lottery is no different.

    Hot numbers are those numbers that are drawn more frequently than other numbers. Statistically speaking all numbers have the same chance of being drawn but for some reason patterns start to emerge showing clearly that some numbers appear more often than others.

    It stands to reason that by choosing your number selection from these hot numbers you give yourself a better chance of having a winning line.

    Also be on the lookout for hot matching numbers where 2 or more numbers tend to be drawn together more frequently than normal.

    Most lottery websites list hot numbers.

  3. Avoid Cold Numbers.

  4. Just as it is a good idea to pick your selection from the hot numbers (being sure to use matching number sequences when available) it is also a good idea to avoid cold numbers.

    Cold numbers are specific numbers that are rarely or never drawn.

    By using hot numbers and avoiding cold numbers in your lottery selection you immediately give yourself a better chance of winning.

    Most lottery sites list cold numbers as well as hot numbers.

  5. Wheel Your Number Selection.

  6. Lottery number wheeling is more difficult to explain than it is to actually implement. Like riding a bike. Wikipedia tries to explain the concept here but reading the article will probably leave your head spinning.

    Luckily there are systems available that do the wheeling for you.

    Typical lotto wheel for a 6/49 draw

    Typical lotto wheel for a 6/49 draw

    The basic concept of wheeling is that you can play more numbers than normal and thus give yourself a better chance of winning.

    For example if you are playing a 6 from 49 game then you can normally only choose 6 numbers to play from a possible 49. Playing in this standard way gives you an approximate 1 in 14 million chance of getting all 6 numbers correct regardless of how many tickets you buy; each ticket will still have the same low odds of winning.

    But imagine what would happen if you could use 7 numbers instead of 6. Do you think that would give you an advantage over other players and help you to alter the odds more in your favour?

    Well with wheeling you can do exactly that. When you add an extra number to your selection, and use a mathematical probability formula to “wheel” those numbers, you can create a set of ticket entries that contain all possible combinations of those 7 numbers.

    Doing this means you would need to purchase 28 tickets as there are 28 possible combinations but the odds of winning the jackpot are reduced from 1 in 14 million to 1 in 500,000: just by adding 1 number.

    And that is only for the jackpot.

    Your odds of winning multiple smaller multiple prizes on the same draw explode.

    The more numbers you play with and add to your wheel the more you reduce those odds against you. And, if you have winning numbers in your wheel you are guaranteed not just 1 win but multiple wins as those same numbers will appear on multiple tickets.

    For example if you won the jackpot using a wheeling system then you would also win multiple other prizes including a match 5 prize, multiple match 4 prizes and a lot of match 3 prizes. Thus increasing your winnings exponentially.

    In fact it is actually possible to use a wheeling system to ensure that you match every single possible number combination and thus guarantee that you win the jackpot.

    Unfortunately this would cost you approximately $14 million in tickets if each ticket cost $1 or $28 million for $2 draws. Not a great return on investment unless you hit a big rollover amount, which has actually been done by business consortiums in the past.

    Which wheeling system should you use?

    Although the concept of number wheeling is (and all wheeling systems are) based upon the law of probability not all wheeling systems are created equal.

    There are popular systems such as the Formula 1 Lotto System and The Lottery Black Book.

    However by far the best wheeling system available at this time is this one. It has created 131 winners so far and actually works well with these 5 steps.

    Please forget the hype of the site and look past the absurd promises. If you use that system along with these 5 steps then you will be sure to be onto a winner. The power of this method is in using a good wheeling system along with the other 4 steps outlined here.

    Regardless of what Greg (or Gary) says in the audio you will need to buy more than $5 worth of tickets as you will want to wheel as many numbers as possible to increase your chances of winning big money.

    However, there is a really neat way around this that will allow you to wheel a ton of numbers for the price of just 1 or 2 tickets!!!

  7. Join or Create a Syndicate.

  8. Once you have a good wheeling system the next step is to join a syndicate – or better still join the syndicate first and ensure the entire syndicate helps pay for the wheeling system (they can be expensive but the return on investment is huge).

    syndicates win more oftenJoining a syndicate is the easiest way to winning the lottery because you can wheel more numbers without having to increase you own investment in tickets. In fact a large sized syndicate can pretty much ensure themselves many wins over the space of just a few months because they have greater buying power and thus more capacity to wheel more numbers.

    So join a syndicate that is open to the idea of wheeling numbers. If you cannot find a syndicate to join that is responsive to your ideas for wheeling numbers then create your own.

    This is an important point that is often overlooked by lottery players who use wheeling systems and this is why they do not win as often as they could or should.

    As we covered in Florida Lottery Strategy #3 if you can wheel more numbers then you will exponentially increase your chances of winning multiple prizes for every extra number you include in your wheel. Unfortunately, for every number you wheel the cost in tickets also increases.

    For this reason it is difficult for individual players to truly take advantage of lottery wheeling because of the higher cost of playing. This is obviously not a problem for syndicates.

    What If You Don’t Want to Join a Syndicate?

    Many people are resistant to joining a syndicate because after a win they will need to share their winnings with other players but this is erroneous, silly thinking.

    Let’s say there were 100 members in your syndicate. If you were to wheel numbers with a 100 strong syndicate you are almost guaranteed to always be in profit whereas as an individual player you have on average 14 million to 1 against you up to 175 million to 1 against you.

    So, which is better, 1% of a $110 million jackpot or 100% of nothing? (In case your maths is as bad as mine – 1% of $110 million jackpot is over $1 million).

    florida syndicate wins lottery twiceIt is a fairly well publicized fact that syndicates win jackpots more often than individual players.

    What is not so publicized is the fact that syndicates win more often because syndicates wheel their numbers more often than individual players.

    Because they can!

    You can create a syndicate of any amount of players you wish. Then your syndicate can agree upon the prearranged stake money each member will invest in tickets. Once you know what your playable amount of money is you can create a wheel of numbers based upon the cost of tickets it produces that is within your syndicate’s budget.

    If you have a syndicate of 20 players and each player is willing to invest $5 per week then you have a weekly playable amount of $100. This will allow you to create a substantial wheel with a great chance of winning prizes.

    Remember: when you play wheeled numbers as part of a syndicate you have much more buying power. The combined stake money of the individual players allows you to poll that money so you can wheel more numbers thus increasing your chances of landing multiple prizes on a consistent basis exponentially.

    Do not skip this step.

  9. Stack Your Stake Money

  10. When you are in profit do not distribute all the winnings to each member to spend. Instead have a prior arrangement with your syndicate members that when you win you will take a percentage of those winnings and keep it to reinvest in more tickets.

    This way you can scale up your lottery plays to a stage where you are playing much more tickets and wheeling more numbers. You may want to keep that small percentage of your winning separate to add to a play at the end of the year, such as Christmas, when additional prizes are offered and million dollar wisn are guaranteed by the lottery companies.

    When you play The Florida Lottery this way you will eventually hit a big payday. Now you know how to win the Florida lottery with these Florida lottery strategies what are you waiting for? Get out there and get your syndicate winning!

How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers Consistently

Do you know that there are lotto experts who laugh when news reports claim that their multiple wins are due to luck? These multiple winners claim to have very precise techniques for winning prizes and these same experts also claim to be able to teach anyone how to win the lottery in the same way they have (and continue to do). In this post I will outline some unbelievable wins and show you how you can learn how to win the lottery by following the same systems as these past jackpot winners.

how to pick winning lottery numbersThese lotto experts say that they can predict the winning lines so consistently that they can create money on demand simply by playing the lottery.

Many of them openly talk about using systems, systems which they say have been proven to work.

Do such lottery systems exist, as they claim. Is is true that there is a lottery system that is so effective that hundreds of people who have been taught it have went on to win huge sums of money?

After much research and some testing it would appear that at least one such lottery system does indeed exist and which many past winners claim is responsible for their wins. Further more it seems that there are people still using it today.

The Lottery System
At first you may be skeptical and not believe that it is possible to lean how to win the lottery, I know I was, but after I share with you some interesting facts about some very curious past winners your skepticism may begin to wain.

I will let the facts speak for themselves.

Strange Lotto Wins

The following lottery winners stories may be evidence that some people know how to win the lottery in a way that is based on more than plain luck.

The idea that a person can pick a few numbers, pay a small fee and then, if incredible luck strikes them, experience life changes that most other people only dream about is the lure of the lottery. Instant financial abundance has great appeal.

As with everything that appears to be easy money, from the gold rush to dot com boom, the lotto has attracted its wealth seekers and entrepreneurs alike. All hoping to get a slice of the pie and get something for nothing.

Of course like the miners who went in search of gold many people who yearn for a lottery win find that you can’t ever really get something for nothing.

Or can you?

Well, you may not be able to get a lottery win for nothing but perhaps for the price of a university doctorate in Statistical mathematics you might be able to land more than 1 big win!

Here are some stories of past lottery winners that may cause you to raise an eyebrow or two.

Joan Ginther

joan gintherWhen Joan Ginther won her first big lotto prize everyone congratulated here on her amazing luck.

However, by the time she had got to her fourth big prize, beating out odds of 18 septillion (18 followed by 44 zeros) to 1, people started to wonder if luck was involved at all.

Not surprising for lotto officials it transpired that Joan was in fact a Stanford Statistics Professor.

What a co-incidence that someone who is educated in mathematical probabilities (which the lottery is based on) should win 4 times … (note the sarcasm).

Do you think Joan is lucky or do you think it’s possible she may have cracked the lotto code and might actually know how to win the lottery?

Joan is not the only mathematical whiz kid to have been “lucky” enough to win big on the lottery but the others are too numerous to mention. I think you get the picture though.

Richard Lustig

richard lustig claims he knows how to win the lotteryThen there is Richard Lustig. Richard claims to be just an ordinary guy with a system.

Richard Lustig has won the lottery 7 times and is very vocal about the fact that he uses a system.

Lustig claims that picking winning lottery numbers is not about luck but about strategy. Can you argue with a guy who has won 7 top prizes and multiple small and medium prizes?

His advice is practical and in fact some of his advice is incorporated into the highly effective scratch off tips offered free on this site.

How to Win the Lottery With Math

Mathematical Manipulation Versus Luck

It would seem that both Joan Ginther and Richard Lustig do not rely on luck to win the lottery and they are not alone.

There are a growing number of people who claim that their success in the lotto was not down to luck but was based on solid systems and techniques designed specifically to lead to their wins.

It is very hard to argue against this when people like Richard Lustig continue to win while openly promoting the fact that they have a proven system. When you also check the authenticity of a Stanford University Math teacher’s multiple wins it really starts to make you question what is possible and what is not.

But obviously not all lottery wins involve mathematical manipulation.

For those readers who would prefer to rely on pure luck here is the story of one lottery winner that should demonstrate the type of luck you need to win big on the lotto when luck is all you are counting on.

Frane Selak

frane salek knows how to win the lotteryFrane Selak has to be one of the luckiest men who ever lived.

Frane Selak is an infamous Croatian music teacher who became a household name in Croatia long before he won the lottery.

Frane’s almost supernatural ability to tap into the power of luck is uncanny and mind blowing and is the sole reason for his fame in his home country.

In 1962, before his big lottery win, Frane was on a train journey from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik.

While enjoying the solitude of the journey the train was unexpected and violently derailed. Once forced off the tracks it was plunged into an ice river at high speed killing 17 passengers and injuring many more but Frane survived with just a broken arm and a few minor cuts.

Then in 1963 while travelling from Zagreb to Rijeka the plane he was in blew out a cockpit door which plunged the light aircraft into a tailspin that lead to the entire plan hitting the ground at full speed instantly killing 19 passengers.

However, Frane Salek walked away from the accident with superficial injuries after he was ejected from the tumbling plane and fell onto a haystack.

Again he experienced amazing luck in 1966 when a bus he was a passenger on suddenly veered off the road and crashed into a river killing 4 other passengers.

Then in 1970 he barely escaped his crashed car just moments before the eroded fuel pump ignited and the vehicle burst into billowing flames.

luckyLater, in 1973, in similar incident Mr . Selak was lucky to escape another flaming vehicle with only a few singed hairs.

More recently, in 1995, Frane was hit by a speeding bus but was hit in such a way that the impact glanced his body and flung him to safety.

A year later in 1996 he only avoided certain death from an oncoming high speed truck by driving his own car off a cliff edge into a deep gorge.

This in itself should have killed him but astonishingly he fell from his car onto the thick branches of a tree and watched as his vehicle was smashed to pieces 300 feet below him.

So no-one was really surprised when he won US$1,110,000 on the lottery.

This is the type of luck you need to beat out odds of 175 million to 1.

If you would rather not rely on this type of luck to win on the lottery then you most definitely need a lottery system that works.

Lottery Secrets

So when we review amazing wins by mathematical professors and guys who claim they have a system we must assume that there really are lottery secrets that have been kept hidden in the past.

So can you be taught how to win the lottery using the same lotto system used by past winners help you to become fabulously wealthy? Do past winners even know how to win the lottery without having to rely on luck?

Well the answer to both these questions is “yes” and “no”.

Let me explain.

How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers Consistently

No-one can teach you how to pick winning lottery numbers but you can be shown how to win the lottery by playing with more numbers that you are usually allowed. The numbers that are drawn in the lotto are purely random and predicting which numbers will be drawn in any one draw is a matter of luck – or more accurately it is a matter of chance and probability.

However, regardless of how you pick lottery numbers for your game there are ways to dramatically increase your odds of correctly picking lotto numbers that actually come up in your chosen draw.

The act of picking lottery numbers is not the basis of any effective lotto system though. Learn how to win the lottery is about learning how to increase your odds of winning.

If you truly want to know how to win the lottery then you need to suspend your disbelief that it is possible and go down the mathematical rabbit hole of ‘probability’.

Although picking hot numbers and avoiding cold numbers may give you a slight advantage the real benefit of using a lottery system lies in its ability to slash the odds against you winning prizes by allowing you to pick more numbers than usual and then wheeling those numbers in a way that gives you many more chances of landing multiple wins in the same game.

Truly, knowing how to win the lottery is knowing how to play with the odds. It is not about a magical system that shows you how to pick the correct numbers; it’s about increasing your chances of having the correct numbers in your pick because you get to pick more numbers than usual.

How to Win the Lottery Using the Secret of Wheeling

Learning how to use these lottery systems correctly means you are actually learning effective strategies for almost every lotto game out there. You will even know how to win the lottery in mega millions, powerball, pick 6, pick 3 etc.

Learning how to win the lottery must involve some form of wheeling tuition. If you want to know how to win the lottery you must know how to wheel your lotto numbers!

Wheeling is not fool proof however and it works best within a syndicate as the price of tickets increases with the amount of numbers you wheel. But, it is the only sure-fire way to increase your odds in the game.

If you use wheeling in conjunction with hot numbers and statistical analysis you will be well on your way to knowing how to win the lottery and, if you use it correctly, you will eventually win some nice prizes.

It is also best to target lotteries with better odds. For example it is much more difficult to wheel your way to a win in the Euromillions, than it is in Powerball.

How To Win the Lottery In 3 Steps

  1. Join a syndicate so you have more money to play with. If you can’t find one or can’t create one then join one online.
  2. Use a wheeling system and play as many numbers as your syndicate stake will allow you to play.
  3. Choose hot numbers and hot number combinations.
  4. Avoid cold numbers

You see, learning how to win the lottery is not as difficult as many people imagine. It is that simple to secure some nice lotto wins. Many past multiple jackpot winners and syndicates have claimed that they won using wheeling systems.

If you want a more in-depth explanation of how wheeling works read the short post learn how to win the lottery.

Past Winning Lottery Numbers

How to Use Past Winning Lottery Numbers to Beat the Lotto

lottery ballsMost lotto players are aware of the lottery phenomenon known as Hot Numbers & Cold Numbers. If you are one of the few who does not know here is a simple explanation of how hot and cold numbers work and how you can use them for winning the lottery.

Hot numbers are those numbers that appear very often in winning lines while cold numbers rarely appear. It is believed that by picking hot numbers and avoiding cold numbers it is possible to increase your odds of winning on the lottery.

Although this is true it is only half the story. You need an extra element if you want to slash your odds from 75 million to 1 down to a guaranteed win. And, yes that is possible regardless of what you’ve been told.

It’s all in the mathematics!

The Mathematics of the Lotto

Statistical analysis should form an important part of any lottery strategy. Although this sounds complicated it really isn’t.

However, rather than relying solely on hot numbers to win the lottery you need to combine this approach with a few other techniques to guarantee yourself some wins.

Using a mathematical approach in combination with hot numbers is the surest way to more wins on the lottery.

Using The Most Common Lottery Numbers

When you use the most common lotto winning numbers you will have a much better chance of picking a winning line but when you use those past lottery numbers in conjunction with a wheeling system you will exponentially grow your odds of winning.

Wheeling is a technique that allows you to play more numbers than is normally allowed in your chosen lottery draw but in a very specific way.

hot lotto numbersFor example, if you play a pick 6 game you can wheel 7 numbers, 8 numbers, 9 numbers or any other amount you want (even all numbers on that pick 6 game – usually 49).

Imagine being able to play every possible number on your ticket. You would be guaranteed a jackpot win!

Well, you CAN do this with lottery number wheeling.

Obviously you cannot put all these numbers on the same ticket as this is against the rules of the lotto but you can play all those numbers in a way that you can cover every possible combination to guarantee yourself a win.

This is where the power of a wheeling system comes into play.

Wheeling is explained in detail at Wikipedia. Although it can be difficult for most non-mathematical thinkers to understand the great news is that understanding it is not at all necessary in order to use it and benefit from it.

Wheeling Past Winning Lottery Numbers

The only drawback of using wheeling systems is that the more numbers you choose to play with the more expensive it is to play.

For example, you can 100% guarantee yourself a win on any lottery game. Take a pick 6 from 49 lottery game for example. By wheeling all 49 numbers you can literally guarantee yourself a jackpot win and multiple other wins such as a 5 + bonus ball win, multiple 5 wins, multiple 4 and multiple 3 wins.

However, you would need to buy approximately 14 million tickets to cover every possible combination.

So, although this would guarantee a jackpot win (and multiple other large, medium and smaller wins) it is not really financially viable for those who can afford to do it.

However, it has been done before, on rollovers, several times by rich business syndicates – this is one of the reasons the lottery in the UK doubled the price of its tickets to deter this practice. It hasn’t worked!

pick 6 wheel exampleAlthough you may not have the money to guarantee yourself millions of dollars or pounds on your very first attempt you can still wheel numbers to reduce the odds against you and give yourself a fighting chance in the lottery.

For example, wheeling only 7 numbers (instead of playing the usual 6) in a pick 6 game will reduce the odds against you winning a jackpot prize from approximately 14 million to 1 down to 500 hundred thousand to 1. Still high odds but a lot better than normal and bear in mind this is only for a jackpot win.

Winning medium and smaller prizes is almost guaranteed when you play this way! And, wheeling 7 numbers requires only 28 ticket purchases.

The best wheeling systems are proven and have a solid track record of winning prizes.

But obviously when you wheel more numbers you dramatically increase your chances of winning large amounts of money. Because this will cost more money in ticket purchases this type of investment is better suited to syndicates as they can pool their money to wheel more numbers.

This is why syndicates win more often than individual players. A huge amount of winning syndicates wheeled their numbers!

Steps to Wheeling The Most Winning Lotto Numbers

The first step to winning more often is to choose your wheel. Choosing your wheel depends on the amount of numbers you wish to play.

Once you have decided upon the wheel you will use, based on the amount of numbers you will play, you simply wheel those numbers and the wheel will give you all the lottery lines that you must enter into the draw.

For more information on how to win the lottery using a combination of wheeling systems and most common winning lottery numbers check out the lotto strategies discussed on this site.

How to Play the Lottery

Before you think about playing the lottery be aware that you must be of legal age to a buy a lottery ticket. In most countries the age is 16. However this age restriction differs from state to state in the USA. Be sure you are eligible to play or you won’t be able to claim your winnings if you land a winning ticket.

how to play the lotteryPlaying the lottery is fairly simple. The process of buying a lotto ticket is easy and straightforward. Learning how to buy a winning ticket is a little more complicated, but not much!

How to Play the Lottery

Here is the simple 4 step formula for playing any standard lottery game.

Step 1. Choose your game.

Not all lotteries are created equal.

super lotto plusThere are numerous different games available to play in most lotteries with the main draw being the most popular. There are also usually several other draws that are either cheaper to play, offer better odds of winning smaller prizes or are used as additional gaming options.

Most standard draws require you to pick a set amount of numbers from a set range of predetermined numbers.

If your selection matches the selection made by the lottery company on the draw night you will win the top prize.

One example of popular lotto game is the UK National Lottery which is a 6 from 49 draw, where you pick 6 numbers from a possible 49 ( 1 through 49).

Another example is the California Super Lotto Plus which is a 5 from 47 draw, where you pick 5 numbers from a possible 47 (1 through 47).

Step 2. Select Your Numbers

lottery entry ticketOnce you have chosen a game to play you will need to pick your numbers. The game rules will let you know how many numbers you can pick.

Once you have chosen your numbers you simply enter them onto a lotto entry ticket by locating the boxes with the corresponding numbers printed inside them and filling in those specific boxes or by placing an “X” inside the box using a pen or pencil .

The picture to the right shows you how this is done.

This is known as a random pick. Learning how to pick winning lottery numbers involves deeper processes based in simple, but effective, mathematical strategies that can guarantee you a win over multiple plays.

Step 3.

On the scheduled day of the draw, a few minutes after game time, you will be able to check the winning numbers against your own selection. You can do this on the official lottery website or by performing a simple Internet search on any good Search Engine such as Google or Bing.

check lottery numbers

If all numbers on your ticket match all the listed winning numbers then you win a top prize. However, almost all lotteries have lesser prizes for partially matching the winning line.

For example in the UK National Lottery you win a prize for matching 3 numbers, 4 numbers, 5 numbers, 5 numbers plus the bonus ball as well as the jackpot prize for matching all 6 numbers correctly.

How to Play the Lottery and Win

Now you know how to play the lottery you may be interested in going a little deeper into the process of number selection.

Are you interested in learning how to play the lotto to win?

How to Play Lotto Tickets That Win.

Not many people realise that it is actually possible to 100% guarantee a lottery win simply by choosing all possible combinations that could come up as a winning line (yes it is possible to do that). Unfortunately the cost of tickets is usually greater than the prize fund – unless it’s a rollover!

Although this little known fact is of little use to anyone who is not a multimillionaire already (as the required number of tickets would costs from 28 million to 176 million depending on the game you wanted to play) it does highlight that the lottery is not in fact a game of luck or pure good fortunate.

The lotto is a game of chance based upon the solid mathematical foundation known as Probability.

Using statistical analysis and probability combined many past winners have been able to manipulate the odds of lotto games to claim not just 1 but multiple top prizes. These statistically based mathematical principles are even taught openly with varying degrees of success.

You too can learn these lottery secrets if you are willing to set aside your skepticism and venture down the lottery rabbit hole to see how far it can take you.

How to Cheat the Lottery

Is it possible to cheat the lottery to win big prizes and get rich?

Lottery Ticket from Harvard from 1811

Lottery Ticket from Harvard from 1811

This is a question that has been asked since the launch of the very first lottery in China when keno slips from the Chinese Han Dynasty were sold between 205 and 187 BC.

Since those early days in China when the lottery was used to help fund building projects such as the great Wall of China the lotto has grown exponentially being used in in the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia and dozens of other countries.

It was even used to help fund the revolutionary war in against the British in the newly formed USA.

In all the days since now and then there have been people who have sought to find a system to beat the lottery without having to rely on luck. There have even been those who claim that they have succeeded. If you look at some of the stories of past winners, especially recent ones, you may begin to wonder if it there was something to those cliams.

So is cheating on the lottery possible?

How to Cheat the Lottery (Sort of)

The truth is that there is absolutely no way to cheat on the lottery…sorry!

cheating_Not_allowedHowever, there are people who claim that they have tricks to winning the lottery based on mathematical methods.

According to some tech savvy individuals the lottery itself is not a game of pure luck but is in fact a game that is based on probability.

This revelation may not seem life-changing at first but given some consideration the implications are truly astounding.


Because probability is not based on luck at all.

Probability is based on statistical outcomes, not luck, and because it is based in mathematics it is predictable.

If you let the above statement sink into your brain for just a moment you should get very excited indeed. Read it back to yourself and try to truly comprehend what it means.

Understanding it could change your life!

Have Some Past Winners Used Probability to Beat The Lottery?

When lottery winners make millions of dollars from the lottery no-one bats an eyelid. After all that is what the lottery is all about – winning millions of dollars and changing your life instantaneously.

But when it comes to winners, like Joan Ginther, who won their millions not on one draw but from multiple draws most people begin to realise that something more than luck is involved.

I know that this post is riddled with questions but let me ask you one more.

Do you think it is a co-incidence that Joan Ginther became a millionaire from multiple lottery wins AND that she is a professor of mathematical Statistics at Stanford University?

So, we know that it’s impossible to cheat the lottery. But we also know that the lottery is based on probability, and not luck, and that probability can be manipulated.

It is also a fairly intelligent guess to assume that people like Joan Ginther and Richard Lustig are using more than just luck to win multiple times on the lotto.

How Can I Win the Lottery?

7 lottery winsOkay so we know that there are past lottery winners who claim to have used specific techniques to beat the lottery without cheating.

Using completely legal methods there are people, such as Richard Lustig, who have won 7 top lottery prizes from methods that he does not consider to be gambling.

How does this information effect you?

Tips to Win the Lottery

Although there are ways to play lotteries based on probability not all lotteries are created equal.

For example, there are scratch tactics that are completely different from tactics used for normal lottery draws. The techniques used for standard lottery draws are completely different.

Read Sid’s story, how i won the lottery, where he claims that he discovered a system that can beat any lottery based purely on mathematical formulas.

Sid’s story is entertaining, and alarmingly believable.

How to Hit the Lottery For Easy Wins

The key to winning money on the lottery does not lie in targeting the biggest prizes.

secretIf we can learn anything from people who claim to be using systems it is that they do not target the jackpot prizes. They target medium and small prizes and they target them consistently.

Joan Ginther and Richard Lustig did not win a million dollars in 1 prize yet both of them are multi-millionaires. They won multiple prizes and built up their fortune through multiple wins.

This is how you must play.

Stop thinking in terms of 1 big win and start thinking about multiple smaller wins.

Secrets to Winning the Lottery

The secret to a lottery win is to stop going after a BIG lottery win!

Instead go after many smaller lottery wins.

Real tips for winning the lottery are based on some sound mathematical principles.

If we can learn anything from the multiple lotto winners it is this: Stop relying on luck and start using mathematics and if you can’t do that you should just stop playing.

Lottery Predictions

Back in September 2009 on a chilly Wednesday night illusionist Derren Brown shocked British audiences when he predicted the winning lottery numbers live on television. Now before you get excited about the possibilities you should be aware that Derren Brown is a famous UK illusionist. He didn’t actually win the lottery or predict the numbers. If you are looking for lottery systems that have been designed to do that you need to go here.

So how did Derren Brown fool millions of people into believing he successfully predicted the winning lottery numbers for the UK’s National Lottery draw? What lottery programs were behind this seemingly awesome event?

The Set Up

So, without the use of even a simple a lottery wheeling system Derren Brown apparently successfully precicted all 6 numbers for that week’s lottery game.

After successfully demonstrating that he could predict the winning lottery numbers Brown made a second television show outlining how he did it – or at least outlining how he wanted us to think he did it.

Derren's successful lottery predictions

Derren’s successful lottery predictions

It seems Derren enlisted the help of willing volunteers for his lottery stunt who themselves were unaware of what was really going on.

These volunteers were given a few basic tasks to perform in order to hone their psychic abilities. Each person would predict the numbers to be drawn and Darren would pick the most commonly occurring numbers to add to his 6 digit final pick.

According to Mr. Brown the exercises he gave his volunteers helped them become psychically attuned to the lottery game and thus successfully predict the numbers.

Even the volunteers were amazed when the numbers turned out to be correct.

But of course, Derren Brown is an illusionist so there had to be more to this trick than meets the eye!

The Real Solution to His Lottery Predictions
Many theories have been proposed as to how Derren Brown pulled off this spectacular trick. However there is one that is the most prominent and probably the correct one.

The Guardian newspaper even shows a video explaining how it could have been done with split screens.

Using visual trickery and camera work may seem like a cop-out or cheating these days of CGI when we want our magicians and illusionists to use slight-of-hand rather than modern technology.

However, regardless of the props that were used the results were still spectacular and spell binding. I mean who doesn’t want to have the ability to predict winning lottery numbers at will?!

How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers Like Derren Brown
lottery wheel system
Okay, so you can’t pull off a stunt like Derren Brown did and win the jackpot…let’s face it of Derren really had that ability he would retire and simply win the lottery every week.

So, magically predicting the winning numbers is out. Learning how to win the lottery requires a more scientific approach. But, you can give yourself a better fighting chance in the draw by lowering the odds of winning the lottery jackpot to a number that makes winning a real possibility.

Using the systems outlined on this site it is not possible to pull off a “Derren Brown” but it is possible to increases your chances of winning the lottery by millions to 1.

The Real Solution to Beating the Lottery

The real solution for winning the lottery relies less of television magic and more on hard mathematical science.

Using a lottery wheel is by far the best way to increase your chances of winning some nice prizes on the lotto.

The best lottery software out there will always use some for of number wheeling or incorporate a lottery wheel generator into its algorithm.

If you want a fighting chance in the lottery be sure to learn how to wheel numbers and you will start winning more prizes without any need for the Derren Brown trickery.

The Winning Lottery Number Generator

There are many applications that can easily create random numbers for your lotto play with just the bush of a button (there is one at the bottom of this page). But before you go charging in to get your lotto numbers be aware that the output from these little number selecting apps are based on true randomness and randomness always gives you terrible odds in the lottery.

dice random number generatorThere are much better ways to select your numbers based on a scientific and statistical approach.

Now there are sites on the net that tout randomness as being better than using an algorithmic approach but this is complete and utter nonsense.

Using a random lottery number generator gives you only a minuscule chance of winning i.e. 1 in 14 million in 6 from 49 games and 1 in 258,890,850 in Mega Millions. Not great odds!

I bet you’d prefer a generator that cuts those odds down to 1 in 35 instead!

The Myth of The Random Lottery Numbers Generator

lottery number generatorA lotto number generator based upon true randomness gives you almost zero chance of winning a prize.

Truly random numbers have no more chance of being winners than numbers that have been chosen based on significant dates, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

In fact, statistically speaking, you have a better chance of dreaming the winning numbers than you do of landing them with a random pick.

If you truly want to give yourself the best chance of winning a lotto prize then you should avoid random picks altogether.

There are better ways to buy your tickets that don’t rely solely on luck to land a prize.

Don’t believe for a minute that using a lottery number generator will help you win the lottery and don’t buy into the belief that the lottery is purely based on luck either.

It’s based on probability and can be beaten by having a statistical approach and you can do wonderful things when it comes to probability!

The Best Lottery Number Picker

Any lotto numbers generator worth its salt will be based upon a mathematical and statistical model that works with the laws of probability to give you a higher chance of winning. It will not merely spit out a bunch of random numbers.

A lotto generator that does not have a statistical bias and that does not use some form of lottery number analysis is worse than useless. Using random numbers equates to losing. They give such low odds that you have a better chance of being dead than winning the lottery.

Using such a system to pick your numbers is the equivalent to using no system at all.

If you do win a prize it will be down to pure luck as with any other ‘normal’ ticket and that type of luck is extremely rare.

When playing lotto games you should never rely on luck.

A Lotto Generator With a Difference

Rather than using a random number generator, first developed by scientists for statistical analysis, you should use a more scientific approach.

But before you even select even one number you must first know which numbers to avoid.

Number & Sequence Avoidance

Learning how to win the lottery starts with knowing how not to lose. There are specific number sequences you should avoid.

For example, never pick numbers that run in a sequence such 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Avoid running sqeuences

Avoid running sequences

It is highly unlikely they will ever come up and if they do you can be sure thousands of other people will have chosen such an obvious sequential run and you would have to share your “once in a lifetime” prize with them.

Likewise you should avoid a run of all even or odd number sequences such as 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 for the same reasons.

They Run Hot & Cold

One of the best ways to pick your numbers is to, firstly avoid cold numbers, and secondly to focus on the hot numbers.

This simple trick can be enough to give you a huge advantage that most other lotto players never experience.

Many players unknowingly play cold numbers without ever considering the importance and power a hot number can have on their “luck”.

So, what are hot & cold numbers?

Cold Numbers

In every specific lotto game that uses number selection (i.e. not scratch offs) there will be specific numbers that are statistically less likely to be selected by the lottery machine on draw day.

cold numberThese numbers are known as cold numbers.

Based on past draws these numbers have been selected by the lottery machine less times than others (or almost never). They are therefore called cold numbers.

It is best to avoid putting cold numbers in your selection.

On the flip side there are those numbers that you should focus on and use in your selection.

Hot Numbers

Just as there are specific numbers that rarely make an appearance in a lottery winning line there are also specific numbers that make an appearance more often than the others.

hot 9The numbers that appear more often than is statistically normal are known as hot numbers.

Hot numbers often come in pairs where 2 or more numbers constantly come up in winning lines.

By picking your number selection from the current hot numbers you immediately improve your chances of having some winning numbers.

However, this is only half the story. If you really want to improve your odds of winning prizes in the lottery then you need to wheel your numbers.

Wikipedia explains how wheeling works if you want to try to work out the mathematics yourself, but I’ve found it much easier to let someone else do it for you.

Most hot & cold numbers can be found on the relevant official lotto site of the game you are playing or by doing a simple internet search.

Random Lotto Numbers Generator

I strongly advise anyone who skipped to this section to go back and read this entire post. If you don’t you will lose out on some valuable information that can greatly increase your odds of winning a lotto prize.

If you don’t have time or just merely want to take your chances with a bunch of random numbers (and have a 1 in 258,890,850 chance of winning instead of a 1 in 35) then just click the button below for completely random selections. Good luck with that…you’ll need it!

Click each time you want new numbers.